Promotional Stubby Coolers Buying Guide

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Remain in the minds of recipients long after your event is over by ordering promotional stubby coolers. Cubic Promote has an extensive range of drink coolers for cans, bottles, wine bottles, and all manner of other drinking containers. All our stubby coolers are made of neoprene or sturdy foam material to help insulate your drink and keep it cooler for longer. Stubby coolers are a real hit at conferences and trade shows, as well as for personal parties and weddings. You can pick from a wide variety of funky and more corporate designs to give out to your employees, customers, friends, or prospective clients. If you plan on making a good and lasting impression on your audiences, then printed stubby coolers are the way to go.

red and blue stubby cooler

Advertise with Promotional Coolers

Advertising with custom-printed stubby coolers is an effective way of getting your brand out there. It is more economical than the more traditional print, radio, or television advertisements and it reaches your audience directly. Stubby coolers are cool, must-have items as people would always want to keep their drinks cool. When picking a design, consider your target recipients as well as how you want to come across to them. These custom-printed items are made of different materials including, metal, tin, and plastisol. They can come in sets or be adorned by different accents like zippers, straps, and different styles of holders.

If you are planning to launch a new brand of wine cooler, soda or energy drink, then you must have these branded stubby coolers to go with your product when you launch it. Branded stubby coolers can come in all shapes and sizes so they are also suitable for corporate giveaways for trade shows and business conventions. They are also ideal as gifts for your employees, imagine all those branded stubby coolers adorning their workstations.

Who Uses Stubby Coolers

In the realm of promotional products, stubby coolers (also known as koozies or can coolers) stand out as fun, practical, and versatile items. With their ability to keep beverages chilled while sporting eye-catching designs, it's no wonder that stubby coolers have captured the hearts of countless individuals and organizations.

  • Businesses and Companies - Companies of all sizes and industries can harness the power of stubby coolers as effective marketing tools. Lightweight, affordable, and easy to customize, these handy accessories can display a brand's logo or slogan, making them the perfect giveaways at trade shows, product launches, or as a part of a larger promotional package.
  • Sports Teams and Clubs - Athletic events and social clubs are prime venues for the use of stubby coolers. Sports teams, in particular, can benefit from custom-designed coolers featuring team colors, logos, or mascots, making them popular souvenirs for fans and supporters. 

Large Branding Areas for Photos or Logos

Branded stubby coolers offer good space for your logo placement. You can also play with the design as the item wraps around the bottle it will hold. Because the space is quite large, you can contemplate putting more than just your logo onto the item. You can consider adding your contact information or a short tagline that you want to be associated with.

The full-colour sublimation process is the ideal manner of printing your logo on the item. Another cool way to make your custom-branded stubby cooler stand out and work for you is to use your corporate colours. Using your colours is a way for your target recipients would to better associate the item with your product or company.

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