Promotional Toys to Make Marketing Fun

For a business to enjoy brand recognition, work on consistently effective advertising campaigns. Because cost is always a factor in marketing strategies, promotional products make excellent budget-friendly campaign options for Australian businesses. Obviously, this technique will only work if you would pick the right promo merchandise and with our diverse range of fun Promotional Toys, your campaign focusing on a younger audience won't go wrong.

Promotional Toy Range

Why Promotional Toys Work

You should not be surprised if big businesses always include promotional toys in their list of corporate gifts. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Fun – it cannot be denied that everyone loves toys, children and adults alike. For kids, they are a source of entertainment for many hours while adults find them to be great stress relievers.
  • Educational – you can choose to hand out corporate toys which you can learn from or sharpen your skills such as dart boards, card sets and Sudoku players.
  • Active – playing toys such as balls, yo-yos and Frisbees will certainly help you keep fit and healthy.
  • Colourful – most promotional toys come in bright colours, and sometimes, you will feel better just looking at them as they will make you feel energised instantly.
  • Cool – adults and children may have different priorities and views in life, but when it comes to playing toys, you can bet they will be on the same page.

Personalised Toys Bubbles

Our Most Popular Personalised Toys

Choosing the right toys for your event will be challenging as there will be plenty to choose from. To help you out, here are the crowd favourites:

  • Balls – there are basketballs, light up balls, footballs, juggling balls, soccer balls, volleyballs and beach balls. The great thing about balls is that you can choose a colour or colour combinations similar to your company’s, so they are sure to stand out and easily be associated with you.
  • Frisbees – outdoor events will not be complete without these promotional items so be sure to hand out Frisbees on your next corporate event, and everyone will love them.
  • Yoyos – these toys are popular among kids and adults so it would be like hitting two birds with one stone.
  • Balloon – an event will not be festive without personalised balloons. They are a staple and personalising them with the company name or logo will make them even more special.
  • Plush Toys – they are cute, cuddly and can be put on display on the office desk or car window. Panda and teddy bears are the most popular, and they even come with custom-printed shirts.

Customising Your Toys in Bulk

Cubic Promote will brand your design or logo directly onto your promotional toys in bulk. You can supply us with your pre-made design from a graphic artist, or enlist our graphic staff to assist in creating a new one at a discounted price. The important thing is that the design is clear, fun and gets your message across. Once a design is selected we will advise you on the branding method most suitable for your product and design. If the product is metal, then a laser engraving method may be best for your toy. If the toy is plastic, we will suggest either pad printing or digital printing depending on how complex and colourful your design is.

From there, you approve your design, and we begin production of your personalised toys as soon as your invoice is paid. We deliver toys with customisation in bulk no matter where you are in Australia, so contact Cubic Promote today to get your order started.

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Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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15 Million+ items Shipped
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