Buying Guide Water Bottles or Water Pouch

In recent years, people have realised the importance of keeping hydrated and drinking water throughout the day. Soon, it became hip and healthy to lug around a bottle of drinking water and a new industry of customised drinking bottles was born. Not long after that, companies started using drink bottles or water pouches as their promotional item.

Effective Advertising Medium

The idea took off like a set of fireworks and people are all excited to get drink bottles or water pouches as a corporate gift. You can definitely give your brand a boost with these personalised items. They are practical, affordable, highly useable, and the people love them. Your brand will definitely be remembered if it is attractively emblazoned on an item that will become a part of their daily lives.

Thirst Quenching Printed Water Bottles

Printed drink bottles can be made of aluminium, plastic and that polycarbonate material that is virtually unbreakable. They can come with all types of adornments including fancy caps, clips that attach to your backpack straps, plastic straws and others. They come in different colours and shapes both fancy and professional looking. These water bottles can carry you logo or brand well either by printing or engraving. So you have your choice over drinking bottles that are appropriate for the workplace and those that are great for the outdoors and active lifestyles. You can be sure that your printed brand will enjoy the exposure it deserves anywhere that drinking bottle goes.

Send a Message with Branded Drink Bottle

Custom-branded drink bottle can also be a vehicle for your company to promote its social responsibility. Giving out plastic drink bottles is a way to encourage environmental awareness. This means that your recipients will be using and reusing an item and keep it from posing a threat to the environment. You can even slip in a short environmental awareness message to improve your brand image.

Water bottles are cool corporate giveaways for any occasion. If you hold annual sports fests for your company, they are an ideal item to hand out to your people. In business conventions and conferences they are quite handy during those hours of sitting on lectures and workshops. They are cool gifts any time of the year and you can be sure they will be utilised a lot too.

So, think carefully on how you want your logo printed on these water bottles. A cool way to promote your brand is through a double wrap-around logo placement or having your logo on the top head of the bottle. You can opt for a single or a multi-colour print as well.

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