Promotional Wine Gifts Buying Guide

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Some companies want to stand out with corporate gifts or promotional items. If you want to be remembered well for your corporate offering this year, why not give away corporate wine gifts? You can pick from some of the best brands in Australia’s wine industry and have it personalised to bear your logo on the label.

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Exude exclusivity and class with your very own promotional wine gifts. They are ideal as a holiday gift or a gift to match every occasion or corporate event. Uplift your company’s image with a good red or white wine. Help your important clients celebrate with sparkling champagne. All these wine types will have your logo printed on the bottle’s label, which will be remembered well by anyone you present it with.

Who Benefits from Promotional Wine Gifts?

Promotional wine gifts have a certain magic to them, combining the sophistication and allure of fine wines with the creativity and branding potential of promotional items. These elegant gifts are cherished by wine enthusiasts and novices alike, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of users. Let's pop the cork on this discussion and explore the various beneficiaries of promotional wine gifts.

  1. Businesses and Corporations - From small startups to large enterprises, businesses across the spectrum have discovered the value of promotional wine gifts as a means to impress clients and forge lasting relationships. These exquisite gifts can be customized with company logos, slogans, or even tailored messages, creating a memorable and personal touch. Whether it's a holiday celebration, a product launch, or a corporate milestone, promotional wine gifts can make a powerful statement that resonates with clients and partners alike.
  1. Event Planners and Wedding Coordinators - Promotional wine gifts can be the pièce de résistance at any event, from intimate gatherings to grand affairs. Event planners and wedding coordinators often incorporate promotional wine gifts into their celebrations, using them as table settings, party favors, or even as prizes for games and raffles. These gifts can be tailored to match the theme and tone of the event, adding a touch of sophistication and a lasting memento for guests to take home.
  1. Non-profit Organizations and Charities - Fundraising events and charity galas are prime opportunities for non-profit organizations to leverage the charm of promotional wine gifts. With their ability to be customized to reflect the cause

Up the Ante with Wine Companions

While you will definitely make an impact with your own corporate wine gifts, you can go all the way and ensure brand awareness and recall if you accompany your bottle with a custom-printed wine bag or chiller bag. Wine bottles are seldom kept as souvenirs after their contents have been consumed but if you accompany your bottle with these branded items then you can give your recipients a more lasting item that has your logo printed on it. You have a wide variety of wine bottle holders or containers to choose from. Other than wine bags, you can also purchase custom-branded wine boxes that can be made of cardboard, tin, or wood.

Who to Give Your Corporate Wines To

All businesses would like to build a good relationships with prospective clients and they also want to establish and maintain goodwill with existing ones. Your business can achieve these goals by presenting possible new clients and existing ones with your very own corporate wines. Impressing and building goodwill will be much easier with a premium gift like a corporate wine branded with your logo.

The Perfect Time to Present Your Gift

Special gifts like corporate wines will be highly appropriate as holiday gifts as people will definitely drink them during the festivities. You can give out your wines either for Christmas or as a New Year present. They are also ideal as your way of saying thank you to your clients and suppliers during your company’s anniversary. It can also be an ideal birthday gift for your VIPs within and outside the company. Finally, you can give them out during other corporate events that typically come with a celebration such as a product launch.

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