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Buy Promotional Calico, Non-Woven and Eco Bags

Logo branded bags are an essential component of event, business, and community organisation marketing. Trust us, promotional calico bags work as advertising merchandise. Order your custom promotional bags from Cubic Promote, Australia's most reliable bulk supplier of customised event totes, shopping bags, and show bags. Made from cotton calico, eco-friendly, or non-woven materials and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, we brand your logo on each bag ordered ready for use.

Personalised Event Bags Near Me

Custom promotional bags make excellent conference hand-outs, gifts with purchase, and affordable fundraising products. Businesses and charities across Australia buy their bulk custom bags direct from Cubic Promote because we provide reliable products locally at great wholesale prices. We use proven techniques such as screen printing and full-colour digital transfer printing. Our professional team will decorate bags of all styles with your logo design and achieve fantastic results.


Custom Branded Calico Bags

Natural cotton bags with logo decoration.

Custom Branded Non-Woven Bags

Promotional bags made of non-woven materials.

Custom Branded Eco-Friendly Bags

Promotional bags made from eco-friendly materials.

Promotional Jute Bags

Customl bags made from rustic, durable jute fabric.

Why Buy Logo Emblazoned Tote Bags?

Custom branded bags are an excellent option to promote your business or event at a minimal price. We print each bag, regardless of material or size, with your logo design. You then distribute the bags to your intended recipients and watch as eyes everywhere are drawn to your logo and organisation details. These are popular products for the retail industry, schools and charities, businesses, supermarkets, and community groups. Bags can be reused again and again, making them the ideal choice for long-term brand exposure.

Huge Range of Bag Materials and Styles

Choose the best promotional bag for your event. We carry natural cotton calico bags as well as non-woven bags composed of synthetic material. Recent additions to our range include treated eco-friendly non-woven bags, as well as natural jute. If your organisation or your event requires a bag that reflects an ecological, natural feel, then we recommend choosing calico bags or bags made from bamboo or jute. Alternatively if getting your brand noticed is critical then we would recommend non-woven bags so that you can access vibrant colours and deluxe shapes.

How Do I Pick the Right Bag Size?

For many events held around Australia, the best-sized bags are ones that will hold your material and catalogues perfectly without excessive space during conferences. This option will save you money and allow for your material to be presented neatly to your recipient. People tend to reuse smaller bags more often than larger bags, so if you were hoping to have your bag re-used after an event, then we would recommend a shopping sized tote, no larger than your average grocery bag.

What is a Promotional Non-Woven Bag?

Non-woven bags are a type of promotional bag made from non-woven plastic fibres. The term "non-woven" refers to the fact that the bag materials are bonded together thermally or chemically, rather than through weaving. These are the kinds of bags you often see for sale at the counter of supermarkets or department stores. Although most non-woven material is not the most eco-friendly choice, we now have a range of non-woven bags specially treated with a chemical that allows for a quick natural breakdown in a landfill. This means if you love the colours and overall look of non-woven bags, there's now an environmentally friendly option for you too!

Eco-Friendly Logo Printed Bags

Gone are the days when plastic, disposable bags reigned supreme. These days it is all about having reusable, eco-friendly bag options for your marketing event, expo, o-week, or giveaway. Cubic Promote has a large assortment of environmental bag options including bags that we treat for improved biodegradability, bags made from all-natural materials, bags made with minimal processing, and vegan-friendly bags. Ask our sales team for more information on which eco-friendly bags will be right for your values and promotion.

What are Branded Calico Bags?

Custom calico bags are made from a natural, unbleached cotton cloth that's popular with shoppers, market-goers, and conference attendees alike. If you are keen on a bag that is ecologically sound, then calico bags might be the option for you. Calico bags are valued for their rustic look and with your branding they are bound to grab attention wherever they're used.

Fast Shipping Australia Wide
Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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15 Million+ items Shipped
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