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Calico bag & Non woven bag

Buy Promotional Calico bags or Non-Woven Bags

Buy Calico Bags or Non-Woven Bags personalised with your graphics and logos. Cubic Promote stocks possibly one of the largest ranges of bags that are either made from cotton calico or non-woven materials. With shapes and sizes to suit all occasions, we can even custom make a bag to your desired dimensions. If you need bags for your event delivered within Australia fast, then check out our range. You will not be disappointed in our price or range. We guarantee the quality of all our bags for fabric, stitching and also the custom print of your graphic that will go onto it.


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A massive range of non-woven bags available in small and large sizes with your choice with/without a gusset or base.

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Another alternative to non-woven bags, an eco promotional product available in sling bag, tote bags, or beach bags designs.

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An environmentally friendly alternative to the standard bag ranges with great variety and high quality. These are an excellent pick

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The Best Promotional Bag for You

Choose the best bag for your event. We carry both natural cotton calico bags as well as non-woven bags composed of synthetic material. If your organisation or your event requires a bag that reflects an ecological, natural feel, then we recommend choosing natural calico cotton bags or bags made from bamboo (a new style of material). Alternatively if getting your brand noticed is critical then we would recommend non-woven bags so that you can access vibrant colours.

Choosing Bag Sizes

For many events held around Australia, the best-sized bags are ones that will hold your material and catalogues perfectly without excessive space during conferences. This option will save you money and allow for your material to be presented neatly to your recipient. People tend to reuse smaller bags more often than larger bags, so if you were hoping to have your bag re-used after an event, then we would recommend a smaller sized bag.
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