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Promotional Colouring Pencils

Buy colouring pencils custom printed with your design or logo. A range of coloured pencils is available from Cubic Promote that are great for students, designers, and artists. Our customised coloured pencils make excellent giveaways for any bookshop, stationery shop, library, school, university, or business. Rest assured that you will receive your mass-produced personalised colouring pencils faster because we store our inventory in Australia. Our online pricing is listed in Australian dollars and excludes GST.

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We Pad Print and Digital Full-Colour Print Colouring Pencils

Cubic Promote utilises cutting-edge branding technologies like pad printing and digital label printing to customise coloured pencils:

Pad printing: A cost-effective solution to mass-produce branded colouring pencils, allowing you to print your logo or design in up to three (3) spot colours.

Digital printing: Digital images can be reproduced in full colour in various mediums with this method.

Australia-Wide Fast Delivery

We deliver to all Australian states and territories, even the most rural ones. The completion of orders takes roughly two weeks. Cubic Promote also accepts orders with short deadlines, with three-day turnaround times.

What is a Colouring Pencil?

A colouring pencil is a type of artistic media made of a narrow, tinted core contained in a cylindrical wooden casing. Instead of graphite and charcoal, coloured pencil cores are wax-based, water-soluble, oil-based, and some are even mechanical. Custom-branded coloured pencils are excellent giveaways or presents for people of all ages. A specified branding area large enough to include your company's logo or brand message is already provided on our promotional colouring pencils.

Coloured Pencils as Custom Gifts

Promotional colouring pencils are thoughtful gifts for those who enjoy drawing or designing. Take advantage of this by putting your brand on one of our coloured pencils. These are ideal giveaways for schools and universities, daycare centres, toy stores, and bookstores. Add colour and fun to your marketing strategy through promotional products like these.

How to Care for Custom Printed Colouring Pencils

Here are the tips on how to care for coloured pencils to last longer: 

  • Always keep them in a box or container.
  • Avoid sharpening into a long, tapered point to reduce breakage while using it.
  • Lastly, please do not drop it on a hard surface or beat it around because the lead within may weaken and break when it is sharpened.

FAQ on Logo Emblazoned Colouring Pencils

Do you supply colouring pencils with custom printing?

Yes, we can brand coloured pencils using digital transfer and pad printing to include your logo.

What is the minimum number of personalised colouring pencils I can order?

A minimum purchase of 100 colouring pencil packs is required.

Pencils with Erasers and Sharpeners

Another great idea is to have your promotional pencil distributed along with a branded sharpener and an eraser. The products complement each other perfectly, and your guests will appreciate both products given as a set. The best bit is that pencils, sharpeners and erasers are amongst the lowest priced promotional items in our range. Students and kids will love this promotional item idea.

Examples of Colour Pencil Sets with a Full Colour Printed Custom Label

Pencil Set 3

Coloured Pencil

Coloured Pencil 1

Coloured Pencil 2

Image for digital full colour printing on coloured pencil set.

Coloured Pencil Set

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