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Promotional Coloured Pencils 

Buy promotional colouring pencils custom printed with your company’s logo or graphics. These vibrant tools are perfect for creative projects and promotional giveaways. Personalize them to make your brand stand out.

Cubic Promote, with 18 years of experience, serves over 4,500 Australian businesses each year. We take pride in providing high quality promotional products. As one of the few carbon-neutral certified companies in Australia, we are dedicated to sustainability. Choosing our branded colouring pencils supports a company committed to reducing its environmental impact.

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Ideal Case Uses for Branded Colouring Pencils

Coloured pencils are a popular artistic medium, offering versatility and precision for various creative projects:

  • Artistic Drawings: Ideal for creating detailed and colourful artwork, providing a wide range of shades and textures.
  • Adult Colouring Books: Perfect for relaxation and stress relief, allowing for intricate shading and blending.
  • Educational Activities: Used in schools to teach colour theory, enhance motor skills, and stimulate creativity in children.
  • Professional Design: Utilised by designers for drafting fashion, interior, and graphic illustrations.

We Pad Print and Digital Full-Colour Print Custom Coloured Pencils

Cubic Promote utilises cutting-edge branding technologies like pad printing and digital label printing to customise coloured pencils:

  • Pad printing: A cost-effective solution to mass-produce branded colouring pencils, allowing you to print your logo or design in up to three (3) spot colours.
  • Digital printing: Digital images can be reproduced in full colour in various mediums with this method.

FAQs About Personalised Coloured Pencils

  1. Can coloured pencils be erased?

    • While harder to erase than graphite, some coloured pencil marks can be lightened with a good-quality eraser, especially if the pencil is wax-based.
  2. What's the difference between wax-based and oil-based coloured pencils?

    • Wax-based pencils tend to be softer and blend easily, while oil-based pencils have a harder, more durable lead that allows for detailed work and layering.
  3. Does the colour fade over time?

    • Yes, some can fade, especially if exposed to direct sunlight; however, high-quality pencils are less prone to fading.
  4. How should I store my coloured pencils?

    • Keep them in a protective case or holder, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, to prevent breakage and preserve the pigment quality.
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