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Corporate umbrellas

Buy Corporate Printed Umbrellas

Buy corporate umbrellas printed with your logo. These premium umbrellas feature sturdier frames and more formal corporate colours. We realise that presentation means a lot when it comes to representing your brand and your business, which makes these umbrellas simply perfect when printed with your logo. The best part about these umbrellas is that they look and feel much more than what you actually will pay for them.

Premium Business Umbrellas With Quality Mechanisms

What sets this range of umbrellas apart is the mechanism which opens and closes the umbrellas. These umbrellas feature modern designs and produced with precise high quality. The result is a smooth opening and closing experience each and every time you use the umbrella. All moving parts are made from stainless steel or carbon to ensure no rusting will occur. The nylon used is also premium grade thick heavy duty fabric which provides durability for daily use, year after year.

Buy with Multi Panel Logo Prints

The standard price on our website covers a one colour print on one umbrella panel. However, you can also have the option to print on 2 or 4 panels. Printing on all eight panels is a possibility but this is not recommended as the visual effect more often than not is quite inferior. For quotes on multiple colour prints or multiple panels simply contact us for a price.

Full Colour Prints on Bulk Umbrellas

For full-colour prints onto these rain shades, we can use digital print transfer technology to create full-colour branding onto each panel. Unfortunately, we cannot print across the rib of the umbrella. If indeed you were after branding that goes across the entire surface of the umbrella, then this may be possible but only with a minimum order of 500 pieces, to enable us to custom create fabric for your personalised umbrella.

Promotional Umbrella Types

Umbrellas can be broadly split into three categories per below. All our umbrellas are exceptional in quality.

- Stainless Steel Umbrellas

The lower priced options are great value but are typically made from stainless steel. They provide robust open and close mechanisms which are quite smooth, and being stainless steel they will not rust.

- Blackened Steel Umbrellas

If you can stretch your budget by a little then the next type of umbrella is made from blackened stainless steel. Stainless steel is similar to regular steel, except an anodization process is applied to make the mechanism even smoother. That and the fact that the umbrella looks gorgeous with a black stem finish.

- Carbon Fibre Umbrellas

The very best material used in Umbrellas has to be carbon fibre which is the same material used on some bicycles. It is light weight and tough. Used in umbrellas, you will expect the product to be surprisingly lightweight and have a premium look and feel to it too. The smoothness in operation is exceptional. Carbon fibre is an expensive material due in part because that it is a difficult material to work with and typically require specialist technicians and machines in order to mould them correctly into shape.

What's the Difference Between Fibreglass and Stainless Steel Frames?

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