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Promotional Counter Mats

Buy counter mats custom printed with your graphic or logo. Counter mats are ideal additions to checkouts, benches, and display cabinets for Australian businesses of all kinds. We carry a wide array of counter mat sizes, all of which we make to the same exacting standards with durable, vibrant surfaces. Our custom-branded counter mats are a cost-effective way to promote deals, product usage ideas, or messages for your consumers. Whether you operate a chemist, a pet shop, or a healthcare centre, you'll get years of usage out of customised counter mats. Our website price is listed in Australian dollars and excludes GST.

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We Digitally Print Counter Mats in Colour

Cubic Promote's decoration team uses the latest in full-colour digital printing to add your design in photographic colour onto counter mats of various sizes. The result is exquisite advertising with a hard-wearing, textured finish ideal for use on tables and counters.

Fast Shipping Australia

We decorate counter mats right here in Australia, ensuring we have a speedy turnaround time of 2 weeks for most orders. However, if you require custom-branded counter mats faster than this, let us know, and we'll speed up production to meet your deadline. Cubic Promote delivers everywhere in Australia, including VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, SA, NT, and WA.

What is a Counter Mat?

A counter mat is a piece of covering placed over the surface of benches, tables, and countertops to protect them, adding a decorative effect whilst offering a large branding area for your unique message or advertising logo. Custom counter mats are particularly popular in the hospitality industry and retail environments, but they're suitable for any surface from a hairdresser's counter to a restaurant table. They also make great corporate gifts to clients and employees as they can be used in mancaves and the kitchen.

How to Care for Branded Counter Mats

We recommend cleaning your counter mat with warm water and a soft towel, and wiping them down regularly. All counter mats feature surfaces that do not absorb dirt or liquids for easy cleaning, so most mess comes off with just a wipe. For heavily soiled counter mats, use soap and water. Avoid using commercial cleaning detergents as they will affect the print and may lead to the product fading faster than expected.

FAQ on Counter Mats

Do you supply counter mats with custom printing?

Yes, we sell counter mats custom printed with your unique designs.

What is the minimum number of counter mats I can order?

100 is the smallest quantity of counter mats we can supply per order.

Can you make counter mats in custom sizes?

Yes, we can make counter mats in bespoke sizes to suit your exact work environment. Speak to our team today for more information on custom sizing formats.

What is a point-of-sale counter mat?

Point-of-sale counter mats are matte-finished, laminated mats designed specifically for placement in front of the checkout or sale area of your business. Point-of-sale counter mats usually feature advertising you want your client to see upon beginning the sales transaction. Many of our clients use this space to advertise discounts, deals, membership benefits, and other information that may be valuable at the point of sale.

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