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Transform Your Brand Experience with Customised Coasters

At Cubic Promote, we combine innovation with sophistication to elevate your brand with our range of personalised coasters. Whether you are planning to enhance an event or looking to upscale your brand promotion, our custom coasters are designed to offer uniqueness and class.

Unleashing Creativity with Personalised Coasters

In today's competitive market, making your brand stand out requires strategies that are both unique and high-level. The team at Cubic Promote understands this well, hence, we have curated a selection of custom drink coasters that are not just promotional items, but tangible representations of your brand's identity and character. All of our personalised drink coasters meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of your brand, offering a level of personalisation that is both engaging and memorable. Our custom coasters embody a kind of exclusivity that speaks volume about your brand's commitment to quality and elegance.

From vibrant full-colour prints to intricate laser engravings, we offer an array of promotional coasters to bring your vision to life, ensuring that each coaster becomes a unique canvas that echoes the distinctive personality of your brand.

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Full-Colour Digital Printing

Experience the vibrant and realistic representation of your brand logo with our full-colour digital printing technology. Whether it's complex gradients or detailed shading, we ensure flawless print quality on both sides of our cardboard or plastic promotional coasters, capturing the vision of your brand in bright hues.

Laser Engraving for a Sleek Finish

Opt for a timeless and elegant look with our laser engraving options available for cork, glass, vegan leather, metal, or slate custom drink coasters. This technique provides a sleek and professional finish, making these branded coasters a sophisticated choice for showcasing your brand.

Promotional Coasters Gifting - The Ideal Choice for Every Occasion

When it comes to gifting, our personalised drink coasters are a top choice. Crafted using reliable and high-quality branding techniques, these custom coasters can seamlessly transform into the perfect gift for a range of events including weddings, birthdays, conferences, and expos.

Tailoring a memorable gift into your event's lunch or dinner setting is now just a call away. Reach out to the Cubic Promote team today to learn more about our personalised coasters.

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Printed Glasswares

For a more versatile branding option, don't forget to check out our exquisite collection of high-quality custom printed glasswares, a wonderful addition to your personalised drink coasters.

Frequently Asked Questions - Drink Coasters Australia

Can I get branded coasters with logo printing?

Absolutely! We offer full-colour printing on both sides of the cardboard promotional coasters and laser engraving for the reusable options to showcase your logo in the best possible light.

What is the minimum order quantity for drink coasters Australia?

You can order a minimum of 500 units for the cardboard coasters and 50 units for the reusable options, allowing for both large and small-scale promotions.

Which personalised drink coasters are best for an event?

The cardboard custom drink coasters are great for easy cleanup at large-scale events, while the reusable line serves wonderfully as personalised gifts for events such as weddings and graduations, offering a token of memory to attendees.

Can I order custom drink coasters in unique shapes?

Yes, we can craft branded coasters in unique shapes to align with your promotional needs, a popular choice especially among pubs, clubs, and drink labels. Connect with our customer care team to get a custom quote today.

Is it possible to have printing on the back of the custom coasters?

Certainly! We can add an interactive element to your cardboard coasters by printing trivia questions on the back for a nominal additional fee.

Understanding the Characteristics of Different Branded Coasters

  • Cardboard Coasters: A cost-effective option, although not reusable and susceptible to damage.

  • Metal Coasters: A premium choice known for its durability and reusability, although have a higher cost.

  • Bamboo or Wood Coasters: A moderately priced, reusable, and reasonably durable choice, adding a natural touch to your branding.

Join Hands with Cubic Promote - Where Innovation Meets Sophistication

As you plan to enhance an event or aim to escalate your brand promotion, remember that our range of drink coasters Australia stands as a testament to innovation, promising to take your brand to new heights of recognition and appreciation.

Embarking on a journey with Cubic Promote means stepping into a world of sophistication at every touchpoint. Our team is dedicated to providing you with promotional solutions that not only meet your expectations but exceed them, creating avenues for your brand to shine and flourish in new and exciting ways.

An Insight into Engraved Bamboo personalised Coasters

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