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Promotional Fidget Cubes Printed With Your Logo

Buy Fidget Cubes custom branded with your unique logo or design. Cubic Promote offers a variety of cubes in different colours and designs. Our Fidgets are made from high-quality materials, susceptible to wear and tear. Each Fidget toy is designed to help relieve stress and anxiety, increase focus and concentration, and promotes fun and development among kids.

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What is a Fidget Cube?

A fidget cube is a small, multi-sided device designed to help reduce stress and improve concentration. Each side of the cube features different tactile activities, such as buttons to press, switches to flick, and dials to turn. It's a popular tool for people who like to keep their hands busy, aiding in focus and relaxation.

Ideal Use Cases

Fidget cubes are compact and versatile tools designed to aid in stress relief and concentration. Here are some ideal use cases:

  • Workplace Stress Relief: Ideal for employees in high-stress jobs or those who spend long hours at a desk.
  • Aid for Concentration: Helps individuals with ADHD, autism, or concentration difficulties to maintain focus.
  • Educational Tool: Can be used in schools to assist students in staying focused during class.
  • Therapeutic Use: Beneficial in therapeutic settings to help clients manage anxiety and restlessness.
  • Meeting or Training Aid: Useful in long meetings or training sessions to help attendees stay alert and engaged.
  • Promotional Item: Customisable as a branded corporate giveaway to promote your company while providing a practical tool.


What features do fidget cubes have?

They have various features like buttons to press, wheels to spin, joysticks to glide, switches to flick, and surfaces to rub, each providing a different tactile experience.

How do they help with stress and anxiety?

They provide a physical outlet for nervous energy, helping to reduce stress and anxiety by keeping hands occupied and the mind focused.

Are fidget cubes suitable for children?

Yes, they are generally suitable for kids, especially those who are fidgety or have concentration challenges, but it's recommended to use them under adult supervision to ensure safety.

What materials are they made from?

They are typically made from plastic, metal, or silicone, offering durability and a satisfying tactile experience.

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