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Promotional Custom Headphones

Buy Promotional Custom Headphones custom printed with your graphic or logo to help build awareness for your brand with all music lovers! Custom headphones are an excellent audio accessory and promotional giveaway for all walks of life. They are great for attending business calls, zoom classes or business meetings, working out or travelling whilst listening to music, or watching movies in public places and help create and develop your business identity. We offer a variety of styles that can be custom printed with your logo or design to promote your brand or message.

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We Pad Print and Digitally Print in Full Colour

We use the latest printing technology to custom print your logo or graphic onto the headphones. We can pad print up to 3 colours, or digital print a full-colour photographic image or design. No matter

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our customised headphones have a standard turnaround time of 2 weeks. If you need your custom earbuds set or headphones sooner, please tell us, and we will endeavour to work on your request for your order. We deliver everywhere in Australia, including NSW, VIC, NT, WA, QLD, ACT, TAS, and SA.

What are Headphones?

Headphones are a pair of small audio speakers worn over-ear or in-ear. Headphones are used for listening to audio signals such as music or speech privately and can be customized in your order by adding various brand colors to bring your design to life. Earbuds are similar products except they are small speakers inserted gently into the ear. Both headphones and earbuds may also feature a microphone capacity for some models too, allowing a connection to computers and smartphones.

Perfect for all walks of life, our custom headphones are great gifts for your clients and employees and promotional giveaways at conferences and events. They are available in various styles and can be customised with your logo or message to promote your brand in broad reach.

Ideal Corporate Gifts

We live in a time when more and more people choose to stay connected to their devices, making headphones a great corporate gift for people at your work or at home. Headphones are beneficial and can make endless video meetings and phone calls more bearable to your clients or employees. It also helps students stay focused on their studies and makes working out in a gym more fun with music in their ears.

Headphones and earbuds are also great products to keep in an office drawer, or at the bedside for home use, as they can come in handy for all sorts of situations. Just like promotional ponchos, headphones can be a great corporate gift.

FAQ on Headphones

Do you supply headphones with logo printing?

Yes, we supply headphones with your custom branding. Just send us your logo or message, and the creative team will do a free mock-up for you.

What is the smallest number of headphones I can order?

The smallest number of headphones we can supply is 50 units.

What is the difference between earbuds and headphones?

Earbuds are a pair of small speakers worn inside the ear to listen to sounds, while headphones are bigger and joined by a band and placed over the head.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth headphones and earbuds?

Headphones can sit in or around your ears for a good chunk of the day as you take constant conference calls, binge on good movies on your phone, jam to some of your favourite music, or pump yourself up at the gym. Portable and lightweight, earbuds are perfect for the pocket, and since they are worn in ear, it gives you a comfortable fit and quality sound.

On the other hand, Bluetooth headphones allow you to connect to your device wirelessly using radio waves, making them perfect for gyms or while driving.

For a great alternative to enjoy music, check out our customised audio speakers.

Custom Branded Earphone and Headphones With Quality Sensitivity

We design our entire range of headphones and earphones with a sensitivity level measured at between 80 and 125 dB/SPL. What these numbers mean is that they are sensitive enough to be used with Smartphone and Tablet Devices to achieve good volume levels similar to most common pairs that you will purchase through retail. You can be assured of compatibility with your device with our range of earphones and headphones.

Earphones & Headphones for Fund Raising

For fund raising product ideas we love to recommend Earphones and Headphones. With the right packaging and the correct branding, the perceived price of headphones can be very high. These headphones will invite positive feelings towards your charity or community organisation. A great example would be the Beats range of headphones. They look amazing which explains a lot about their popularity. Aesthetics mean a big deal when it comes to earphones and also Audio speakers.

Android and IOS In-Line Compatible Remote Controls for Custom Made Earphones

Our headphones will work with smartphones, computers, and music devices alike. We can also deliver you earphones that have an in-line remote control allowing you to have quick access to functions to control your smartphone device. Ask us for more information on this option.

Buy in Bulk as a Perfect Gift for Students - Orientation Days | Memento Gifts | Milestone Gifts

Children, kids and students will absolutely love our range of portable speakers as promotional item gifts.

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Bluetooth Headphones

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