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Promotional Fridge Magnets

Buy promotional custom magnets printed with your logo or design. Fridge custom magnets are a tried and true way to advertise to Australians from all walks of life and are a quality fool proof method to develop brand awareness and attract customers and advertise your business info in a convenient and fun way. Cubic Promote stocks a variety of magnet styles and shapes, all of which are durable and ideal for placing on the home or office fridge, ranging from business card magnets to various shapes such as car magnets. This gives you the flexibility to create photo printed magnets that cater to your whole business or individual designs so team members and departments have their own magnets to use as a part of an individual marketing campaign! Whether you operate a small business or a big bank, magnets make a practical, quality and budget-friendly way to get your phone number or message in front of lots of Aussie eyes-on their refrigerator and can act as great gifts for clients and loved ones!

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We Digitally Print Magnets in Full Colour

Cubic Promote uses the latest digital printing technology to add your full-colour logo or design onto each of your business magnets or if you are going to create photo magnets. Our professional print team will provide gorgeously finished custom magnets with your custom logo or design emblazoned directly on the front to act as magnetic business cards and help promote your business with an accessible quality product for all customers. Custom magnets can also be used as unique save the date magnets for events, greeting cards, business cards and overall great marketing tools that can be made with your business artwork in a large quantity.

Fast Delivery in Australia

We stock a wide selection of custom fridge magnets locally to ensure fast delivery to any location within Australia including all our top sellers. Our standard turnaround time is two weeks, but if you need this item quicker, please tell us, and we will endeavour to process your new design request.

What are Fridge Magnets?

Fridge magnets are a small decorative magnet put on a refrigerator, often to fasten messages and notes to it. Because they are ornaments that can be added to places besides the fridge, they often reach a broad audience which can further increase your brand recall. Refrigerator magnets stick in your consumers mind and can be placed everywhere, not just your fridge! Durable magnets from Cubic Promote can go anywhere such as an office cubicle, calendar magnets, filing cabinets or pretty much anything that has a magnetic metal surface. With custom magnets fast overtaking the use of traditional business cards or save the date magnets because of the brand recognition they create, talk to the team at Cubic Promote to design your custom size personalized magnets.

Our personalized magnets are economical for companies like restaurants, real estate, maintenance, insurance, vehicle shops, schools, events enterprises, retail, or personal services who want to get their corporate message out there without strain on their budget in a creative and effective method of advertising. They make amazing freebies and souvenirs that most people love to keep which can be given out at trade shows or a special event for your company or community. Budget-friendly keepsakes are also perfect for commemorating special events and milestones, not just company advertising. they can also provide use for the consumer beside staying on the fridge, with calendar magnets that can be drawn on with permanent marker the perfect way to create year long awareness.

Cheap Gifts for Mail Outs

Custom magnets are among the most practical mail-out gift items because they are cheap and easy to mail and advertise for your business and can help your promotion stand out from the rest! Their size and shape make them easy to stick in an envelope and mail out to your target audience. Also, since they are lightweight, they won't hurt your pocket for postage. Include these low-cost yet high-quality branded stickers to your mail-out gifts.

FAQ on Magnets & Flyers

Do you supply fridge magnets and flyers with logo printing?

Yes, we supply custom magnets and flyers with your custom branding which can be sued to promote your business or event, featuring a full color range and the ability to add various elements such as pictures and business artwork that accompany your logo.

What is the smallest number of magnets & flyers I can order?

The minimum quantity of custom magnets & flyers we can supply is 100 units, each containing your custom photo magnet to promote your business (just like a business card!)

Can you make fridge magnets in custom shapes?

Yes, we will make fridge magnets in custom shapes or unique sizes for an extra one-off die-cut tooling fee so you can create your own magnets just the way you like!. This means you can customize and create a unique shape or custom thickness to help your custom magnet stand out from the rest! Speak to our team today to learn more about this cost.

Can you provide custom fridge magnets for an urgent deadline?

Yes, we can provide custom magnets in a three-day express turnaround. Having the right promotional items with your design matter for events so here at Cubic Promote we understand deadlines are a priority, so get a word in with our team to get your design on the refrigerator in no time!

Is it possible to add individual personalisation to magnets?

Yes, we can add individual people's names or numbers to specific custom magnets at an extra cost. This feature can act as an addition to your custom magnet and means various members/departments of your business have access to their own magnet allowing you to create individual marketing campaigns that stick! Let our team know that this kind of personalisation is what you're after for your custom magnets and we can make it happen, fast.

Places We Have Supplied Magnets To

Some of the businesses that have utilised promotional magnets successfully for their marketing include:

Plumbers | Doctors | Electricians | Real Estate Companies | Local Clubs | Hospitals | Local Councils | Restaurants among many others.

Promotional magnets are an incredibly versatile and low-cost way to market your brand name, or just to provide essential information for important or everyday services. The ease of accessing relevant information via promotional magnets is much easier than accessing the information through the internet.

Magnets Branded for Mass Distribution

Promotional magnets are the perfect product where you need to advertise and reach a large volume of potential customers. We suggest using magnets as a tool for reminding your clients of your brand name or service with elements such as a photos or an individual picture which you can upload during your design process. Promotional magnets are commonly used in mail-out campaigns to entire suburbs. They are low in cost and with the correct print or graphic can look quite attractive to make sure your clients aren't left to browse when they need your services!.

Custom Shaped Magnets With Your Design

Standard magnet sizes that are the most popular for most Australian organisations measure:

5 x 5cm Small Magnets 5 x 7cm Medium Magnets 5 x 9cm Large Magnets

If you desire smaller magnets or larger ones, just let us know, and we can custom cut magnets to your desired size, or take a browse through our large online shop for promotional magnets! If you desire a magnet cut in your desired shape, this is available for a die cut tooling fee which is simply a once-off charge. Magnets die cut tooling will normally begin at $190 Australian dollars and will vary depending on your required size as well as the amount of detail needed in the shape of your custom photo magnets.

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