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Promotional Moleskine Notebooks

We stock fantastic promotional notebooks from Moleskine as well as Moleskine-style books for a great gifts on a budget. Ideal for promoting schools, law firms, and banks, each notebook features a sturdy outer cover and quality lined paper pages inside for writing. Our custom branded Moleskine and Moleskine-look notebooks are ideal for those wanting to take notes in style. So whether you’re an aspiring Ernest Hemingway or simply need to keep yourself organised at the office, then these notebooks are a smart choice.

We Pad Print & Emboss Moleskine Style Notebooks

We use the latest pad printing technology to add your logo or graphic in up to 3 solid colours on the outer cover of Moleskine style notebooks. For authentic Moleskine hardcovers and similar books we can also emboss your logo using a heat press to subtly imprint your design into the surface of the notebook. Both methods results in your design being front and centre on quality notebooks that can be used in your marketing. All listed prices exclude GST.

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A Quality Custom Gift

Authentic Moleskine notebooks are the ultimate corporate gift for those seeking top-of-the-range notebooks. The Moleskine brand is recognised internationally for its use of high-end materials and reliable quality. Our Moleskine style notebooks are also made to high standards, giving you an alternative if you're working with a budget. Consider using Moleskine style notebooks with custom messaging as graduation gifts, trade show giveaways, or employee rewards.

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What is a Moleskine Style Notebook?

Moleskine is an Italian brand of luxury notebooks, which are stacks of paper pages bound to a spine and used for note taking. The Moleskine brand is known for its traditional notebook look, inspired by classic notebooks from decades past, and Moleskine notebooks are a popular choice among professional artists and writers. Moleskine style notebooks similarly feature bound paper pages with spine binding for jotting, but they are produced by other companies to emulate the Moleskine style. Regardless of whether you choose Moleskine or Moleskine inspired notebooks, both book styles make popular gift options here in Australia.

FAQs on Moleskine Style Notebook

Do you supply Moleskine and Moleskine style notebooks with custom printing?

Yes, we provide authentic Moleskine notebooks and Moleskine style notebooks with your unique logo printing on them.

Do you supply Moleskine and Moleskine style notebooks with no custom printing?

Yes, we supply authentic Moleskine and Moleskine look-alike notebooks without any custom decoration on them. When inquiring simply ask our team for an unbranded option.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, Cubic Promote will deliver Moleskines to any Australian address.

What is your standard delivery time?

Our standard delivery time frame for custom Moleskine style notebooks is 2 weeks from when you place your order. We will despatch unbranded Moleskines within 24-48hrs of ordering for those after books without any customisation.

Are you based in Australia?

Yes, Cubic Promote is a local company operating out of Sydney, Australia.

How To Care for the Branding on Your Moleskine Style Notebooks

Cubic Promote's pad printing on Moleskine and Moleskine style notebooks uses top end ink and should last through life's ups and downs. However, to ensure you get the most out of your printed Moleskine style notebooks we recommend that you do not intentionally scratch or rub the cover of the books as this encourages the ink to lift. If you notebook gets dirt or grime on it, we recommend using a damp cloth to gently rub the offending marks away. Your print logo should last 2 years, providing you with great marketing exposure of your brand.


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