Must-Have Promotional Items For O-Week

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If you are an organiser for Orientation week in Australia, then you must read this article. You see promotional items are a fantastic way to kick off O-Week! 

At Cubic Promote, we've got you covered with an array of must-have promotional items that are perfect for O-Week festivities.

Custom T-Shirts

Stand out from the crowd with custom t-shirts displaying your university logo, club name, or a hilarious O-Week slogan. Not only will you look like part of the coolest crew, but you'll also foster a sense of belonging and school spirit.

Consider opting for eco-friendly or organic cotton t-shirts to show your commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Branded Caps

Keep the O-Week sun or winter chill at bay with branded caps or beanies featuring your university's colours and name. Not only will it protect you from the elements, but it will also add a stylish touch to your O-Week outfit.

These versatile accessories also make great conversation starters and help you find fellow students from your university in the crowd.

Custom Drink Bottles

Stay hydrated while partying it up with custom drink bottles featuring your university logo or O-Week theme. Not only will they keep you refreshed, but they also make for practical mementos that can be used long after the festivities are over.

Make use of reusable and eco-friendly drink bottle options to promote sustainable living and reduce single-use plastic waste on campus.

Promotional Wristbands

Get your groove on with promotional wristbands that scream O-Week fun. These vibrant and eye-catching accessories are perfect for identifying yourself as part of the O-Week crew and ensuring entry to exclusive events.

Incorporate features like UV, glow-in-the-dark, or QR code onto your wristbands for added style and functionality.

Personalised Lanyards

Keep your student ID, keys, and essentials close at hand with personalised lanyards. Not only do they provide a practical way to carry your daily essentials, but they also make a stylish statement as you navigate through O-Week activities.

Choose lanyards that feature your university's logo, name, or a fun O-Week design to showcase your school spirit and enthusiasm.


Be the envy of your classmates with fun and functional stationery items that make studying a breeze. From custom pens and highlighters to notebooks and sticky notes, having personalised stationery in your O-Week swag bag will make getting organised an absolute joy.

Consider sustainable stationery options made from recycled or biodegradable materials to align with your commitment to the environment.

Stress Balls

Keep the O-Week stress at bay with customizable stress balls that are not only practical but also provide a fun way to relieve tension. Add your university logo or an inspirational O-Week message to these squishy promotional items and let the relaxation begin.

These stress balls are perfect for long orientation sessions or exam prep periods when students need a little stress relief.

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