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Buy non-woven bags custom printed with your graphic, logo, or text. Non-woven bags are eco-friendly and perfect for reducing plastic bag waste. With grocery stores like Woolworths and Coles phasing out single-use plastic bags, these make a great alternative. We carry a wide array of durable non-woven bags, and the handles won't easily snap. Our custom branded non-woven bags are perfect for anyone hosting an event, conference, or tradeshow. You can hand them out with your brochures and company info inside, and even fill them with one of our other promotional items. Check out our Buying Guide for non-woven bags.

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We Screen Print and Digitally Full Colour Print

Using the latest screen printing and digital printing technology, we expertly brand your logo, graphic, or company details onto either one or two sides of the bag. Screen printing is ideal for solid coloured logos, whereas digital print is the way to go for colourful and intricate designs. The final result is a beautifully branded reusable bag with your logo or design displayed on the outside.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our non-woven bags are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. Our standard turnaround time is two weeks, including delivery. However, if you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate with a 24 hour or 3-day express service.

What is a Non-Woven Bag?

A non-woven bag is a tote typically made of polypropylene material. The material is more robust and durable than conventional cotton, making a non-woven bag a popular option for businesses because they retain shape well to create a neat look and finish. In addition, unlike cotton calico bags (which are the closest comparable product), they are available in eye-catching colours. Adding other promotional products will surely be appreciated by your employees.

Best-Selling Conference Gifts

Non-woven bags are becoming more popular, with more businesses leaning towards eco-friendly solutions. The bags are perfect for giveaways as they're affordable, and recipients are likely to reuse them in their day-to-day life; whether they use them as shopping bags or beach bags, it will remind them of your business and is also a great way to market your brand.

Caring for Branding on Non-Woven Bags

The recommended method is handwashing with warm or cold water, and a bit of soap as a machine wash is likely to damage or cause the decoration to peel. Ensure the bags are clean and completely dry before storing them away.

FAQ on Non-Woven Bags

Do you supply non-woven bags with logo branding?

Yes, we supply non-woven bags with custom branding. The branding methods available are screen print or a digital transfer.

What is the smallest number of non-woven bags that I can order?

The minimum order quantity starts from 100 bags. If you're after a lower amount, contact our sales team, and we might be able to assist.

What is a gusset?

A gusset is an extra piece of non-woven material sewn into the sides of the bag; it expands, allowing for extra storage.

Can you make non-woven bags in custom sizes?

We can manufacture non-woven bags in a custom size. The minimum starts from 2,500 units, and the turnaround time is approx. 8-10 weeks.

Do you have express options for non-woven bags?

Yes, we carry a wide range of non-woven bags, and we offer 24 hour and 3-day express services at an additional cost. Contact us for pricing.

We Use Quality Non-Woven Fabric

Our non-woven bags are produced with a high-quality 90gsm fabric. They are very durable and very suitable for when you need a bag to retain its shape and not have a lot of stretch and strain when used. Some vendors supply non-woven bags at less than 90gsm while others use non-woven fabric that is inferior in quality and can stretch easily with just a little content in your bag. If in doubt ask our team for samples.

Eco Enviro Green Customised Bags

Standard non-woven bags are the kind you see in supermarkets and shopping centres. They're ideal for reuse making them a better option than disposable bags. New to Cubic Promote is a range of non-woven bags that have been treated to ensure maximum biodegradability as well. These new non-woven bags are decorated in bulk with your logo and will decompose quickly in the correct landfill after their useful life is over. Enquire today for more information on these great new bag options.

Consider an Ambush Bag

An ambush bag is a bag concept that is gaining popularity. It involves your organisation buying the biggest possible bag for tradeshows and conferences. The intention is to have the guest inside a tradeshow utilise your bag to carry all other people's bag and material. The result means that you will have the most visible merchandise branding out of every one of your competing exhibitors.

Image for full colour sublimation printing on non-woven bag.
Coloured Non-Woven Bag

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Folding Shopping Bag

Polyester Shopping Bag

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Eco Bag


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