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Promotional Oral Care Items

Buy oral care essentials custom printed with your graphic or logo. Oral care essentials are great promotional items aimed at everyone looking for a new and distinct perspective on what you often think of as promotional materials. We have a wide array of oral care products, from folding toothbrushes, tube squeezers, and travel custom toothbrush paste boxes, to floss cards, and packs of a dental floss pick. Your recpients will be well on the way to a movie star smile with these unique health promotional gifts from Cubic Promote

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We Pad Print, Digital Print & Laser Etch Oral Care Products

Using the latest pad, laser engraving, and digital printing technology, we expertly laser engraved on laser engraving, pad, and digital print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto the outer surface of the oral care items. The result is a beautifully professionally branded custom gift with your logo emblazoned on the side.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our oral care gifts are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. Our standard turnaround time is two weeks, including delivery. However, if you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate with a 2-day production turnaround time.

What are Oral Care Products?

Oral care items are products used to care for the teeth and the mouth. Various products fit into this category including toothpaste, mouthwash, tooth-whitening products, and denture care materials. Cubic Promote stocks an assortment of these dental care items to use for brand promotion and marketing campaigns with a focus on oral care.

Who Uses Oral Care Products?

Oral care products make popular promotional gifts in the dental industry, health care industry, or during events where you want to focus on good everyday hygiene. Toothbrushes make popular promo gifts for the travel industry and it's always good to have some spare for your Airbnb. Similarly you can't beat having dental floss or tooth picks around at restaurants so diners can feel refreshed after meals. So don't feel boxed in by dentistry, there's actually a lot of uses for oral care gifts in countless Aussie industries so give our team a call today to learn more.

FAQ on Oral Care Items

Do you supply tooth products with custom printing?

Yes, our oral care and tooth products come custom branded.

Do you provide gift boxes for bamboo toothbrushes?

Yes, our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes come in an unbleached cardboard gift box with product specifications on the back -- ready for gifting!

Can you make custom-shaped toothbrushes?

Yes, we can make custom-shaped toothbrushes completely to order upon request. Speak to our customer care team for more information on the process for entirely custom moulded toothbrushes.

Include these custom branded lipbalms as part of the care kit for your customers. We have different flavours to choose from.

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