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Promotional Computer Accessories

Buy promotional computer accessories custom branded with your graphics or logo. Our nifty computer accessories are a great addition to your home or in-office work set-up. Cubic Promote stock a wide variety of customisable digital device accessories. These will help create terrific brand exposure and are perfect gifts to compliment your client’s or employees’ business lifestyles. Check out our Buying Guide Computer Gadgets for more ideas.

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We Pad Print, Laser Engrave & Digitally Full Colour Print

We print your logo professionally on any of our promotional computer accessories. We use the latest pad printing technology to ensure that your branding will look vibrant and last long on the surface of the items. We can also engrave your logo for a more professional and premium look. Or print it in full colour using digital printing technology to make your logo or graphic design more dynamic.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Cubic Promote’s standard delivery time for branded promotional computer accessories is 2 weeks from the placement of your order. You may also contact our team to discuss an even faster delivery timeline if needed.

What are Computer Accessories?

Computer accessories are items that can help enhance a user’s experience, whether using a laptop, desktop or even a mobile phone whenever or wherever you are. Enhance your music or movie experience with our promotional branded speaker. Keep your cup of coffee warm while working using our USB cup warmer. Our wide range of computer accessories will help ease your daily gadgets use. Get in touch with our friendly customer service, and we can help you choose the perfect accessories for your giveaways.

Custom Technology Gifts

Our promotional computer accessories are perfect corporate gift ideas for your clients and employees in a technology-driven world. These nifty and handy gadgets will be convenient for whoever will receive them. And with your branding professionally printed or engraved on these items, you will get the marketing promotion and exposure you are aiming for.

FAQ on Computer Accessories

Do you supply PC accessories with logo branding?

Yes, we sell PC related accessories like promotional web cameras, card readers and more with your logo branding printed on the surface.

What is the smallest number of computer goodies that I can order?

Depending on which type of accessory you choose, the minimum order can be as low as 50 pieces.

Why do USB fans make popular gift choices?

Our USB fans conveniently keep you cool while you work or enjoy browsing the internet on a hot day. It is very handy and can easily be set up. Just plug it into your laptop’s USB port and enjoy the breeze without the need to use too much energy.

Can you make unique computer accessories for me?

Yes, we can create unique gadget accessories for specific orders. Call us now, and we can discuss what type of item you're after and how we can make it happen.

Amazing Gadgets for the USB Port

Many of our fun little Promotional IT products feature activation through the USB port. When you consider using these products for your events, consider how your recipient uses their computer.

Some really creative Computer Products use the USB port

Buy Items Perfect for Desktops & Laptops

The user behaviour of a desktop computer will differ significantly to a laptop user. Some products such as a USB led light makes perfect sense for a laptop but will make no sense at all as a product for a Personal Desktop Computer unit. Another example would be the rear view mirrors. These are amazingly fun (and useful) products for an office environment where a user attaches them to an LCD monitor. This same product though would not make sense on a laptop as they cannot be stored and folded down quickly. When choosing products for your guests, definitely consider what type of computing device they will be using.

Bulk Ordering Process

To purchase any of our I.T related products, it cannot be any easier. Choose the items that you like on our website and let us know via following the prompts on our site, call us or email us. We will reply with a quote within the hour during business times. If you would like to see a mock-up of the product with your logo, let us know. It is obligation free.

When you are ready to make an order based on the quote, simply let us know, and we will summarise your order, and we will send you an invoice. After payment is received, your products will be produced and delivered directly to you. That's easy, right?

Image for screen printing on USB desk fan.

Portable Fan

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