Paper Bags

Promotional Paper Bags

Promotional paper bags are fantastic custom products ideal for gift bags, shopping bags, or conference and trade show bags. We carry a large range of paper bags made from sturdy natural paper materials, so you'll find a style that suits you. Our custom branded paper bags are popular with Australian businesses and events, so these bags are a great option whether you're running a supermarket or organising gift bags for a wedding.

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We Screen Print on Bags

Using the latest screen printing technology, the Cubic Promote team will expertly print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours on the outside of your paper bags. The result is an eye-catching, professional print finish on the natural paper material that will draw attention to your logo no matter your event or promotion.

Gift Bags for Any Occasion

Custom paper bags are the perfect way to present a corporate or personal gift. Consider using paper bags holding customised gifts to reward employees, event attendees, or party guests stylishly. Select from an assortment of bag colours to fit the theme of your occasion, be it fun or formal.

Paper Bag Dimensions

It is vital to have the correct paper bag size for any event you may be holding, which is why Cubic Promote offers a variety of standard paper bag sizes to fit everything you need snugly into your bags with ease. Choose from:

  • Small bags (13cm)
  • Medium bags (25cm)
  • Extra large carry bags (40cm)
  • Wine bags (35cm)

If none of these suit your needs, let our team know, and we can make paper bags in custom sizes for you.

What are Paper Bags?

Paper bags containers made of firm paper with an opening on the top and handles you can grip onto for carrying. You will often see paper bags used for carrying groceries, clothes, books, and papers, making them an excellent choice for a diverse range of businesses. People can also use paper bags to hold gifts instead of covering the item in wrapping paper. Perfect for events and consumers alike, paper bags are a very popular option for upgrading from disposable plastic bags.

Paper Bags are Available in Kraft, Gloss & Matte Finishes 

Our promotional paper bags are available in different finishes to suit the diverse range of events and industries here in Australia. Learn more about each below.

  • Kraft Paper Bags: If you're after a natural, earthy paper bag then you'll appreciate our Kraft Paper bag finishes. These bags are made from whole wood pulp paper and feature an untreated, natural brown finish that is tough and flexible.
  • Gloss Paper Bags: If you're keen on a shiny, modern looking paper bag you'll want our gloss finish paper bags. These bags have a laminated outer surface that reflects light, making it appear shiny. Available in white, black, and photographic full colour.
  • Matte Paper Bags: If you'd prefer a non-reflective finish for your paper bags then a matte paper bag may be right for you. These bags feature a laminated outer finish that absorbs light, rather than reflects it giving you a more muted look for white, black, or photo print bags.

If you're unsure which finish will suit your logo or graphics ask our friendly customer care team and we'll help you pick the one that's right for you.

We Supply Paper Bags in Bulk so you save Money!

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Laminated Paper Bag

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