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Promotional Paper Bags

We sell paper bags custom branded with your logo or design. These bags are perfect for retail stores, gift shops, and promotional events, offering a recyclable and biodegradable option for eco-conscious businesses. Customise them with your design to enhance your brand's visibility and commitment to sustainability.

Cubic Promote, with 18 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, serves over 4,500 Australian businesses annually as a provider of promotional products. By selecting our branded paper bags, you're not just choosing an environmentally friendly option; you're also embracing our commitment to sustainability. As a carbon-neutral company, we actively offset the carbon emissions from production and shipping, enhancing our sustainable impact.

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Choices of Finishes for Custom Printed Paper Bags

Our paper bags come in various finishes to suit different events. These finishes are:

  • Kraft Paper Bags: Ideal for those seeking a natural, rustic look, these bags are made from whole wood pulp paper and feature an untreated, natural brown finish.
  • Glossy Paper Bags: For a modern, shiny appearance, choose paper bags with a laminated outer surface. This option is great for branded gift bags.
  • Matte Paper Bags: If a non-reflective finish is more your style, choose our matte paper bags, which feature a matte outer finish for a subdued appearance.

Explore our range of custom shopping bags that can be customised with your company logo or graphics.

Ideal Case Uses for Branded Paper Bags

Promotional paper bags are perfect for Australian businesses aiming to boost brand visibility. Ideal for retail shops, trade shows, and corporate events, they offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, enhancing brand image while demonstrating environmental responsibility. Customisable with logos and designs, they're a savvy choice for marketing and customer giveaways.

FAQs About Personalised Bags

Are these paper bags biodegradable?

Yes, they are biodegradable and compostable, breaking down much faster than plastic bags and thus more environmentally friendly.

Can they be recycled?

Absolutely! Paper bags can be recycled multiple times, provided they are clean.

How durable are these paper bags?

They are designed to be quite durable and can carry a reasonable amount of weight, though they are best suited for light to moderately heavy items to prevent tearing.

Can they withstand moisture?

While paper bags can handle light moisture, they are not waterproof. It's advisable to avoid exposing them to heavy rain or liquid items without protective inner linings.

Can paper bags be supplied unbranded?

Yes, we offer a wide range of unbranded paper bags, perfect for various uses, from promotional events to personal customisation projects.

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