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Buy Custom Printed Golf Balls in Bulk

Buy Golf balls in bulk personalised with your logo or graphic. See a diverse range of golf balls stocked in Australia ready to be branded with your corporate branding and delivered straight to your door. We brand our Golf Balls in Australia inside our pad print facility located in both Sydney and Melbourne. We have years of experience in printing on golf balls. Be assured that your printed golf ball will look smart and amazing each and every time you purchase from us.

Events & Places We Have Delivered Promotional Golf Balls

Golf balls are an extremely versatile branding gift product. It is the type of product where golf enthusiasts will enjoy. Non-golf enthusiasts will equally be intrigued with the product if they were to receive one at a tradeshow. A well branded promotional golf ball can easily substitute for a branded stress ball toy. Some of the places we have supplied promotional golf balls include:

Conferences | Banks | Corporate Golf Day | Pubs | Restaurants | Law firms | Accounting Firms | Consulting Firms | Expo's | Charities | Local Community Clubs

Ask us for more photos of completed jobs when you make an enquiry.

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Types of Brand Golf Balls Available

If you were after golf balls merely as a promotional item then one of our generic no frills golf balls may be just the perfect item. They look authentic though with regulation size, weight, look and feel and they can be used for a great game of golf on a field. If you need golf balls for amateur, intermediate or even professional golf players though we also stock some great products from some of the world's leading brands in golf balls.

We Carry Golf Balls from: Srixon | Callaway | Titleist | Nike | Dunlop | Bridgestone and more

Most golf ball manufacturers have products that will accommodate players from novice to regular to professional skill levels. Broadly speaking golf balls are matched to one of 4 levels of skill. The golf balls at the easiest levels will tend to have characteristics that make them easier to control at the expense of distance, while pro-level golf balls will have characteristics that make them harder to control but with the benefit of more distance. The categories are:

Grade A: Tour Level Golf Balls | Grade B: For Frequent players | Grade C: Mid-Range Recreational Golf Balls | Grade D: Entry Level Golf Balls

Durability of Logo Emblazoned Golf Balls

We decorate your promotional golf balls using the very best print techniques and processes available, which is why you can always order confidently from Cubic Promote. The golf balls are manufactured as standard then our team of professionals prints your design on them right here in Australia. Order in bulk to distribute in time for your next charity golf day or corporate event. Keep in mind that our decoration is for promotional purposes only. If in doubt, ask for a sample before you place your purchase order.

Buy Golf Balls with Other Accessories

The game of golf is a delightful past-time with traditions and a set of manners that goes hand in hand with the game. Having the right golf image is part and parcel of the game. Why not consider completing your golf look with essential golf course accessories such as:

- Golfing Cap, golf umbrella, divots, golf towel, tees, flags, bags and more!

Ask us for a bulk discount so that you can get good quality products at a low bulk price. Your corporate golf day or event will never be the same again with our great range of branded merchandise.

Cubic Promote 1300 858 288 Cubic Promote supplies products, custom printed with your logo or graphics, Australia wide direct to your door. This website features over 9,000 different styles of items, across over 100 categories. We are confident that you will find the perfect corporate gift or promotional product for your event or occasion.