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Promotional Golf Balls

Buy personalised golf balls in bulk that feature your business's logo or graphic. See a diverse range of golf balls stocked in Australia that are ready to be branded with your corporate branding. We will deliver these custom golf balls straight to your door. We brand our golf balls in Australia inside our pad print facilities located in both Sydney and Melbourne. We have years of experience in printing on golf balls. Be assured that your custom printed, personalised golf balls, will look smart and amazing each and every time you purchase from us. You can choose from a range of color options to customize your golf balls. Our website pricing is listed in Australian dollars and excludes GST.

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Pad Print and Full Colour Digital Custom Branding

Our team of professional decorators use the latest pad and digital print technology to add your logo directly to the surface of golf balls. Whether you opt for pad or digital printing, we expertly print your logo or graphic onto your custom golf balls and the long-lasting print will display your design for many games to come.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our golf balls are stocked right here in Australia, so we can offer a standard turnaround time of 2 weeks for your order. Need them faster? No problem! At Cubic Promote we can accommodate your job in 3 days of production upon request, so let us know you need them fast and we'll make it happen.

What is a Golf Ball?

golf ball is a hard wooden ball with a plastic exterior made specifically for use in the game of golf. The rules of golf specify that golf balls can't weigh more than 45.9g and they can't be any larger than 42.7mm in order to be effective in the game. Golf balls are a popular item to have custom decorated as a unique print helps them stand out in comparison to other balls on the green. Businesses and charities that hold regular golf days like to use golf balls as gifts while clubs often use them as prizes for high performers because no golfer turns down a good ball!

How To Care for the Branding on Your Golf Balls

Your personalised golf balls will take a few knocks when they're used, but if you clean them off with your golf towel while playing you can often remove grass stains and other marks without additional washing. If you have tougher marks you can use water and a dish soap, wiping then with a cloth as you go before drying them with a clean towel. Generally speaking, we advise you not to store the custom golf balls in damp spaces or direct sunlight as this may impact their surface.

Types of Brand Golf Balls Available

If you were after golf balls merely as a promotional item, then one of our generic no-frills golf balls may be just the perfect item. Alternatively, we carry match quality ready golf balls for amateur, intermediate or even professional golf players. Again, we have the best brands from around the world.

We carry golf balls from Srixon | Callaway | Titleist | Nike | Dunlop | Bridgestone, and more

FAQ on Golf Balls

Do you supply golf balls with custom printing?

Yes, we will print your logo on the golf balls we sell.

What is the minimum number of golf balls you can supply?

The smallest quantity of golf balls we can supply is 144.

Do you stock authentic brand name golf balls?

Yes, we carry an extensive range of all your favourite brands from Srixon, to Callaway and Titleist. We also offer our factory standard balls if you'd prefer a cheaper option.

Can I get golf balls in unique colours?

Yes, we can provide golf balls in unique colours for large orders. However, the classic white balls is easier to see when playing which is why you don't get many colour variants out there, so please keep this in mind when ordering if you want your balls to be used in regular games.

Golf Ball Quality Ranked

Most golf ball manufacturers have products that will accommodate players from novice to regular to professional skill levels. Golf balls are matched to one of 4 levels of skill. The golf balls at the most accessible levels will tend to have characteristics that make them easier to control at the expense of distance. In contrast, pro-level golf balls will have characteristics that make them harder to control but with the benefit of more distance. The categories are:

  • Grade A: Tour Level Golf Balls

  • Grade B: For Frequent players

  • Grade C: Mid-Range Recreational Golf Balls

  • Grade D: Entry Level Golf Balls

If you're unsure which grade of ball suits your campaign or event, ask our friendly team for advice.

The Durability of Golf Balls

We decorate your promotional golf balls using the very best print techniques and processes available, which is why you can always order confidently from Cubic Promote. The golf balls are manufactured as standard, and then our team of professionals prints your design on them right here in Australia. Order bulk to distribute in time for your next charity golf day or corporate event. Keep in mind that our decoration is for promotional purposes only. If in doubt, ask for a sample before placing your purchase order.

Events that Use Custom Golf Balls

Golf balls are an extremely versatile branding gift product. It is the type of product where golf enthusiasts will enjoy. Non-golf enthusiasts will equally be intrigued with the product if they were to receive one at a tradeshow. A well branded promotional golf ball can easily substitute for a branded stress ball toy. Some of the places we have supplied promotional golf balls include:

Conferences | Banks | Corporate Golf Day | Pubs | Restaurants | Law firms | Accounting Firms | Consulting Firms | Expo's | Charities | Local Community Clubs

Ask us for more photos of completed jobs when you make an enquiry.

Golf Balls Paired With Other Accessories

The game of golf is a fun past-time with traditions and a set of manners that goes hand in hand with the game. Having the right golf image is part and parcel of the game. So why not consider completing your golf look with essential golf course accessories such as:

Ask us for a bulk discount to get good quality products at a low bulk price. Your corporate golf day or event will never be the same again with our great range of branded merchandise.

Images for pad printing on golf balls.

Green Golf Ball

Golf Ball

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