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Promotional Work From Home Packs

Buy Work From Home Packs custom printed with your logo. Our Work From Home Packs are a fantastic promotional item aimed at anyone working from home or on the go, or who need a fun pick-me-up kit of useful products branded with your logo. Keeping connected with your staff and clients is now more important than ever with everyone working from home. Help strengthen your relationships with one of our Work From Home Packs, filled with branded merchandise to help home office workers. Be sure to get the Cubic Promote team to gift box your WFH gift packs, check out our options here.

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We Pad Print and Digitally Full Colour Print

Here at Cubic Promote, we have access to the latest branding technologies. These Work From Home Packs can be pad printed or digitally printed in a beautiful full-colour design, meaning you can have as many colours, shading, and gradient in your logo as you’d like! This achieves an eye-catching look that will pop in vibrant full colour. Each item within the kit can be printed in colour, and we also have the option to add on custom packaging, making this the perfect complete corporate gift package.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our Work From Home Packs are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, including delivery. If you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order and we should be able to accommodate a faster turnaround time. We can even deliver each pack directly to your client or employees door, making the ordering process for you seamless.

What is a Work From Home Pack?

A Work From Home Pack is a custom bundle of branded merchandise, all specially chosen to make your work-from-home life better and easier. We bundle our most popular products, which are conveniently grouped into one customised kit for the purpose of giving to valued clients or staff members. These work from home gift kits feature your logo on the products within the kit, as well as your custom branding on the packaging or tote bag they are bundled in as well.

Custom gift sets are a great way to give your company and employees a sense of unity, while we are all divided working from home. We have tons of different options of Work From Home Packs you can choose from with thousands of products we can specifically tailor to your individual kit, so we know we can find the right one for you!

Ideal Employee Gifts

These Work From Home Packs are ideal as employee gifts. In light of the recent pandemic, flexible working is here to stay, so these gift packs encourage a connection within the workplace when you cannot be physically together. We can cater these Work From Home Packs so they are tailored to each individual company, so each product will be beneficial and unique for your employees. Giving a gift to your employees at a time when you cannot be with them provides a sense of unity within the company, and we are here to help with this.

FAQ on WFH Gift Sets

Do you supply work from home packs with custom printing?

Yes, all of our Work From Home Packs include custom printing on the individual products, as well as on the package or tote bags in which the products are bundled inside of. These customised novelty pens can be included in the kit.

What is the smallest number of work from home gift sets I can order?

The minimum quantity of work from home gift sets we can supply is 50 units.

Can you put together a custom hamper for me?

Yes, we can put together a custom hamper for you, complete with your chosen custom products, including your unique logo on each. We can supply custom packaging as well.

Do you offer gift boxing or special packaging for staff packs?

Yes, we can combine custom packaging and gift boxing. We can also send out each pack individually to your employee or client, direct to their home address.

Can I combine some items from one pack with products from another pack?

Yes, we can customise the products in each Work From Home Pack across an entire order.

Productivity Sets vs. Reward Packs

We have a few different types of Work From Home packs to choose from. We have items designed to maximise productivity outside of the office, which contain everyday desktop essentials such as: mousepads, stylus pens, coffee mugs, reusable water bottles, notepads and more. Plus, we also have reward packs, which are ideal gifts for when you would like to thank an employee or client for a job well done.

These include products such as: notebooks, stickers, water bottles, tote bags, confectionary, pens, and more. These can also be personalized specifically to your client, to include things that they like. Speak to our friendly customer care team for more information.

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