Promotional Product Ideas for The Pharmaceutical & Medicine Industry

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In Australia, the Medicine and Pharmaceutical industry touches all aspects of our daily lives.  Every conceivable demographic will at one point or another be directly affected and reliant on products and services that relate to our health.  It is understandably a huge and complicated market with a lot of fierce competition, especially in the generic medicine area when patents and intellectual property have expired.  It is for this reason that marketing for health products and medicines is so critical in not only promoting brands and products but also important in serving a community benefit in:

  • Education on drugs both for prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • Safety reminders for drugs.
  • Available incentives and subsidies for medicines.
  • Awareness of direct and indirect side effects of the medicine

We at Cubic Promote have worked for years with various marketing campaigns for medicines and with that knowledge we have a good idea of the type of products that will work well for your marketing. 

Marketing medicines to the broader community through promotional items can be broadly classified into 3 groups.

  1. Marketing of drug and pharmacy products which are general to most people.  Examples may include simple Asprin to anti-bacterial gels.  In other words, products may be purchased freely over the counter and can benefit most people in the community for common ailments.
  2. Marketing of drug and pharmaceutical products to a specific demographic.  Examples may be for medicines that are targeted to a particular stage in life or for specific ailments.
  3. Promotional material and products for conferences, partners, associates and delegates.  A simple example may be a small promotional item for doctors so that they are aware of your product.

Pharmaceutical Promotional Merchandise for the General Public

Some great ideas for the general public include:

  • Stressballs        
  • Post It Notes        
  • Highlighter             
  • Jelly Beans        
  • Promotional Pens

blue stressball and post it notes

Medical Promotional Items for Targeted Marketing Campaigns

If your medicinal product is targeted at a specific ailment which is prevalent to only certain people then you may wish to consider some of these products which are perfect depending on who the recipient is and at what stage in life they are at.  Some good simple ideas include

  • Pill Boxes         
  • Coffee Cups         
  • Promotional keyrings     
  • Custom Dogtags      
  • Personalised Wristbands


The pharmaceutical and medicine industry is a rapidly evolving and highly competitive sector. To distinguish your brand from the rest, it's essential to invest in innovative and creative promotional products that not only resonate with your target audience but also showcase the essence of your brand.

Moreover, this industry calls for promotional product ideas that are not only inventive but also meaningful and relevant. By incorporating these unique ideas into your marketing strategy, you'll effectively differentiate your brand while fostering genuine connections with your clients. Stay ahead of the competition and make a lasting impact with these creative promotional products.

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Wendy Li

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