Brand Profile: Pierre Cardin

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Pierre Cardin's latest collections are available here. Cubic Promote offers a wide variety of products from Pierre Cardin’s unique collection of clothes, promotional notebooks, perfumes, laptop bags, watches, promotional pens, and jewelry. Pierre Cardin is a well-established company in the fashion world.  Pierre Cardin set the stage for modern branding from accessories and fragrances to home goods and fashion statements. Numerous celebrities, including the Beatles, Jackie Kennedy, Naomi Campbell, and Jeanne Moreau, have worn their designs.

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The Ideal Promotional Products

For many years, Pierre Cardin has been the favourite promotional product of different companies worldwide. These products from Pierre Cardin will complete the event for special company occasions like product launches, seminars, board meetings, and team-building events. From corporate-branded watches to fashionable menswear and work attire, Cubic Promote offers one of the best selections of Pierre Cardin promotional products available.

Pierre Cardin Background

A few 20,000 francs were all Pierre Cardin needed to start his Haute Couture workshops in an attic at 10, rue Richepanse in 1950. During these workshops, masks and costumes were designed for theatre performances.

It was in 1952 that Pierre Cardin released his first Haute Couture collection. He has gained international recognition for his ambitious work through his first attempt in Haute Couture.  Due to the rapid growth of his Fashion House, Pierre Cardin moved to a 6-story building on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré where all his activities were consolidated. Throughout the years, the House of Pierre Cardin has continued to create Haute Couture pieces, maintaining the legacy and DNA of its creator, Mr. Pierre Cardin.

The Benefits of Owning a Pierre Cardin

Owning a Pierre Cardin product confers a certain level of prestige and exclusivity to the wearer. It is an ideal way to stand out in a crowd and capture attention with its timeless designs and uncompromising craftsmanship. The quality of the materials used for each item ensures that it will last for many years and retain its classic style, making it a worthwhile investment.

What Cubic Promote Can Do

Cubic Promote has lived up to its reputation in providing high-quality custom branded products that won’t break the bank. Regarding quality, there is no doubt that Pierre Cardin is one of the best. Offering their products to our clients solidified our reputation when it comes to handing out stylish promotional merchandise. With your logo and unique graphics embezzled on these high-end products, your brand will surely get noticed by the general public.

Aside from high-quality products, the branding method used to imprint your unique design on these Pierre Cardin products plays a significant role in brand awareness. Because of that, we make sure that your unique graphics outshine your competitors. We use several branding methods such as pad printing, embroidery, digital printing, laser printing, screen printing, embossing, and transfer printing.

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