Pink Promotional Products: Sweet, Youthful and Romantic

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Whenever the time comes to place an order for promotional merchandise, you know you have to make the right colour choice. Otherwise, you will not be able to effectively create the image you are campaigning for. It is a fact that each colour conveys a particular characteristic and if you would like your business to be branded as youthful, sweet and romantic, the logical choice would be Pink Promotional Products.

Hot Pink Beanie and Light Pink Shirt worn by a woman

Why Pink?

The colour pink is the combination of Red and White and its energy is actually determined by the amount of Red that is present. Pink essentially combines the energies from the two colours and evokes feelings of calm, acceptance and relaxation. This is perhaps why this colour is used to diffuse aggressive behaviour. Products or services geared towards promoting calm and tranquillity will be best complemented by pink promotional products.

Of course, pink is also the colour for romantic love as it is associated with feminine traits and can be viewed as warm, compassionate and non-threatening. Businesses, which are targeting the female market including children, teens or adults, cannot go wrong with pink promotional products.

Choosing the Right Shade of Pink For Branding

Since the message that the colour pink conveys changes according to its intensity, you should know which shade is ideal for your services or products:

  • Hot Pink – as its name implies, this particular shade is considered to be energetic and exciting. If you would like to attract the trendy and fashionable female population, go with this shade of pink. It is also viewed as vibrant and passionate without the aggression. It can even stimulate respiration and blood pressure and encourage confidence and action.
  • Dusky Pink – a few shades lighter than hot pink, dusky pink is the perfect colour for evoking sentimentality. You might want to use this shade of pink for campaigns involving a more serious side of women.
  • Light Pink – this shade is perfect if you are long to evoke happiness and light-heartedness. It is the shade which brings you back to your carefree childhood days and encourages friendliness. Business which are selling to kids and teens should consider pink products personalised with company logo.

Some Pink Trivia:

  • Pink triangles are often used to represent lesbians, bisexuals and gays.
  • Pink has a tranquilizing effect, which is why some sports teams try to paint their opponent’s locker room in pink.
  • Brands which use pink in their marketing campaign include Victoria’s Secret, T-Mobile and Pepto- Bismol.

The Benefits of Using Pink Promotional Products

Pink promotional products offer a wide variety of benefits to businesses. Firstly, they offer a unique way to promote brand visibility and customer engagement as pink is associated with softness, compassion and youthfulness – qualities that are attractive to customers. They also provide an inviting environment which encourages people to make contact with the brand. Secondly, pink promotional items can be used to create a lasting brand impression. A simple logo imprinted on such items will ensure that your company’s message will remain in the minds of people for a long time.

Finally, choosing pink promotional products can give your business an edge over your competitors by differentiating it from others. By promoting with pink merchandise, you are showing that your company is unique and understands the needs of its customers.

If you are looking to promote a youthful, sweet and romantic image for your business, pink promotional products are an ideal choice. With Cubic Promote’s wide range of  promotional items, you can be sure to find something perfect for your next marketing campaign! Let us help you find the best pink promotional product for your business today.

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