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Promotional Popular Stress Balls

Discover our range of popular stress balls, a must-have for businesses seeking to enhance brand recognition and employee well-being. Ideal for corporate offices, health and wellness centres, and promotional events, these tactile tools offer an effective way to reduce stress, increase focus, and keep your brand in the palm of your target audience's hand.

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Branding Methods

We brand promotional stress balls with your logo in the following ways:

  • Pad printing (up to three solid print colours)
  • Digital printing in full colour

Benefits of Stress Balls

Stress balls are not only promotional items but also practical tools for health and wellness. Here are some benefits:

  • Stress Relief: Squeezing a stress ball helps reduce tension and anxiety by diverting focus and providing a physical outlet for stress.
  • Improved Focus: Using a stress ball can enhance concentration and productivity by allowing for a momentary mental break.
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation: Regular use helps stimulate blood flow to the hands and fingers, which is beneficial for those using keyboards or doing repetitive tasks.
  • Muscle Relaxation and Strengthening: Aids in the relaxation and strengthening of hand and wrist muscles, preventing conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Promotional Utility: Customisable as a marketing tool that keeps your brand in the hands of clients and employees, promoting visibility and engagement.


What are stress balls made of?

They are typically made of materials like foam, gel, or thermoplastic rubber, offering the right balance of squishiness and resistance for effective use.

Can using them improve focus and concentration?

They can help enhance focus and concentration by providing a simple, repetitive task that helps stabilise mood and promotes a sense of calm.

How can they be customised for promotional purposes?

Stress balls can be customised with different colours, logos, and shapes to match branding needs, making them effective promotional items.

How long do stress balls last with regular use?

Their lifespan varies based on the material and the frequency of use. Generally, a quality stress ball can last several months to a year with regular use before showing signs of wear.

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