Understanding Your Promotional Power Bank

Our extensive range of promotional power banks make popular marketing items, as well as gifts for staff and team members. But have you ever wondered what the capacity of these portable chargers means, and do you know which capacity best suits your event requirements? We've decided to de-mystify portable battery efficiency to give you a solid understanding of these useful promotional products.

Charging with Power Banks

What is a Promotional Battery's Capacity?

Quite simply, a battery's capacity is the amount of electrical charge it can deliver to a device at its rated voltage. The larger the electrode cell, the greater the capacity to hold a charge. We rate power bank capacity by mAh (or milliampere per hour) which gives you a rough indication of a device's charging capabilities.

Can I Use The Entire Capacity Listed?

The short answer is no; you cannot use the entire stored capacity simply because energy is lost during the transfer process. How is this energy usually lost?

  1. Electrical resistance in the transfer wiring - this can be reduced by investing in a quality transfer cable.

  2. The output voltage needs to be bolstered by the power bank's circuitry to achieve the required 5-volt output. Similarly, once the power reaches your device, it will need to lose some of this voltage upon being received.

  3. Variances in quality of internal circuitry and output capacities between devices.

How Many Times Can My Power Bank Charge My Phone?

Based on the current energy requirements of mobile phones, you'll usually get one full phone charge from a 3000 mAh device. Charging to a full level with a device of this size will usually take around 60-90 minutes, depending on the charger. If you require multiple charges on-the-go or if you need to charge a more demanding device (such as a tablet) then you will likely want to invest in a device that's between 5000 and 10000 mAh, to ensure you have the additional capacity you need.

Common Promotional Power Bank Capacities

  • 2000 and 2200 mAh - This size is ideal for boosting your battery at the end of a long day. Doesn't supply a full charge to the latest phones like iPhone X or Google Pixel 2, but is lightweight and ideal for emergency situations.
  • 3000 mAh - This size gives most modern phones one full recharge, but it will depend on your device. Good to keep handy if you need to keep going for another day while travelling.
  • 5000 mAh - A great size for holding up to two full charges for most mobile phones, the 5000 mAh is also great if you're looking for a quality device without paying for a larger, heavier capacity battery charger.
  • 10000 mAh - One of the more popular high capacity sizes, holds several full charges for mobile phones and can also adequately supply a tablet or laptop in a pinch.
  • And more! - There are higher capacities such as 15000 mAh and 20000 mAh, which are perfect models for people who travel a lot for work and cannot be without a power supply. We can also provide higher upon request, just ask our sales team for more information on high-end capacity promotional power banks.

Capacity 2000 mAh 3000 mAh 5000 mAh 10,000 mAh
Phone Charge Gives half battery charge to a standard mobile phone. Gives a full charge to a standard mobile phone. Gives two-and-a-half to three charges of a standard mobile phone  Gives four full standard mobile phone charges.
Tablet Charge Cannot be used for tablets. Cannot be used for tablets. Gives a standard full charge to a tablet device.  Gives two-and-a-half full tablet charges.


How do we Keep Our Logo Branded Power Banks Safe?

When dealing with high electrical storage capacities, it's important that a device's internal system is made from high-quality materials and assembled correctly. The promotional power banks sold by Cubic Promote are not only created with durable materials, and by professional technicians, but they also have valid certification to ensure they meet local safety standards. Generally, these certified devices will have the ability to shut themselves down in the event of any power distribution issues, ensuring they don't heat up and cause a further hazard. Certifications our devices have include (but are not limited to); CE, FCC, RoHS, UN38.3, MSDS, and RCM. Please contact us if you would like to know the exact certifications of a particular device.

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