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Promotional Smartphone Covers & Printed Tablet Cases

One of the hottest products over the past few years has been Smartphones and Tablets. Reach out to your guests, clients, associates, students and colleagues with smartphone and tablet covers that are custom branded with your business colours and logos. Your recipient will be delighted at this original and thoughtful gift. We personalise device cases and covers with your graphics using the latest printers and techniques which result in sharp, vibrant finishes. Listed prices exclude GST.

Custom Cases Available Within Days of Device Release

Technology changes very quickly with exciting new smartphones and tablets released regularly from leading technology companies. If you don't want to get left behind, then you need to adapt fast, which is why Cubic Promote provides cases and accessories as fast as new release products. When a new phone or tablet is released, expect us to have promotional case options available for your branding within days.

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Items 1-40 of 120

Set Descending Direction

Personalised Cases to match leading brands like Apple | Samsung | Sony | LG | Blackberry | HTC | Nokia | Motorola and more!

If there is a brand of Smartphone or Device which is a little more niche and unique, send us the dimensions of it. We can create covers and cases customised to your required dimensions.

Logo Printed Cases and Covers for New Devices

Get ahead of the curve with custom branded smart phone covers for upcoming and new devices;

  • Apple iPhone X
  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2
  • Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro
  • HTC U11 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
  • Next Sony Xperia
  • XLMotorola Moto X4

Also be sure to invest in the next generation of custom branded power banks for these powerful new devices.

Custom Brand Covers & Cases them for Fund Raising or to Sell

Branded covers and cases are terrific when used to raise funds. Not only can they be very appealing colour wise, but with the right design, you can sell your case at a premium for the benefit of your charity. Your customers can also proudly display their support for your cause as well, which we have found very common. So instead of selling chocolates to raise funds, why not consider something entirely different and unique and sell branded Phone Covers and Tablet Cases instead?

Buy a Mix of Cases in Bulk

When you place your order, you can purchase a combination of different covers and cases in various dimensions to match different devices. It does not cost extra and will provide your guests with an array of options that will match their needs. Mix between brands and devices.

As a small tip, consider gifting these as a set along with portable charge batteries smart devices or a nice promotional phone chair.

Surveys Show Most Tablet Owners have More than One Holder

You may be surprised, but most owners of IPad and Tablet devices have more than one carry case. Essentially people simply get bored with having the same looking holder and because fun Cases for your device is so low in cost, more often than not people will interchange between the cases throughout the year. Different cases also have different ergonomics as well which would make people like to own more than one.

Thin or Thick Custom Phone Cases

When it comes to products like cases, covers and phone bumpers, there are many options to choose. One of the main criteria you should consider is the thickness of the case. A thicker case will provide the device with more protection. If you are expecting your recipient to use the case outdoors or in a harsher environment then going for a thicker case is essential. For office workers, you may like to consider cases that are thinner for a more attractive look and ease of use. There are no slim cases that will provide the same protection as thicker cases though.

Cubic Promote 1300 858 288 Cubic Promote supplies products, custom printed with your logo or graphics, Australia wide direct to your door. This website features over 9,000 different styles of items, across over 100 categories. We are confident that you will find the perfect corporate gift or promotional product for your event or occasion.