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Promotional Phone & Tablet Cases

Buy phone cases and wallets custom printed with your graphics or logo. Phone wallets and phone cases make great promotional gifts for the millions of Australian smartphones & tablet users. Cubic Promote carries a wide assortment of tablet and phone cases and containers, all of which are durable and stylish. Whether you're giving custom phone cases and wallets your your staff, customers, or peers, you can be confident that they will appreciate your original and thoughtful gift. Listed prices exclude GST.

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We Screen Print, Deboss, Digitally Print & Full Colour Sublimate

Using the latest different printing technology, we expertly deboss, screen, full-colour sublimate, or digitally print your logo onto the surface of phone cases and wallets. The result is a fashionable branded phone case with your logo emblazoned on the side.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our customised smartphone & tablet cases/wallets are available with a standard turnaround time of 2 weeks. If you need this product sooner, please tell us, and we will endeavour to work on your request. We deliver everywhere in Australia, including to regional locations. When a new phone or tablet is released, expect us to have promotional case options available for your branding within days.

What is a Phone Case?

A phone case is a protective shell that you attach to the back of your phone or tablet to protect it from scratches, dents, and sometimes accidental dropping. It comes in different colours, styles, and materials, such as silicon, leather, wood, etc., that will suit your lifestyle. Like most students like colourful and famous style phone cases, corporate personnel would choose classic and simple designs made in leather. Those who are always in action would prefer, a hard phone case as it gives additional protection.

What is a Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet is a smartphone attachment that can hold credit, ID, debit, or gift cards on the back of your mobile device. Phone wallets can be adhered directly to the back of a phone or you can add them to the back of your smartphone case, either way they will hold tight and provide an extra option for keeping pesky Opal and Myki cards secure when you commute!

Eye-Catching Event Gifts

Mobile phone and tablet accessories make great event gifts because they are functional, low cost, and lightweight. Mobile wallets and cases are popular across age groups due to how universal smart devices are these days, so whether you're hoping to get your message to teachers or students, you can be sure smartphone cases and wallets will be relevant. We find smartphone cases are ideal event gifts because you can add your expo info or organisation details to the cases or wallets for people to reflect on and appreciate long after the event is over.

Your logo will also stand out with our promotional microfibre cloths, suitable for different gadgets.

FAQ on Smartphone Cases and Wallets

Do you supply phone wallets and cases with logo printing?

Yes, we sell phone wallets and cases with custom branding.

What is the smallest number of phone wallets and cases I can order?

The minimum quantity of phone wallets and cases we can supply is 25 units for selected table sleeves and 100 for phone cases.

How many cards can I fit into a phone wallet?

Most of our phone wallets can fit up to 3 standard sizes of 50x90cm cards.

Can you make smartphone cases in unique shapes?

Our standard smartphone case shape is a rectangle. If none of these shapes suits your needs, then don't worry.

How do I keep branded phone cases and wallets clean?

Remove your case or wallet from your phone before cleaning. To start, use a clean, damp cloth to to gently rub against the inside and over the outside area of your phone case/wallet.

If you have extensive marking or stains, you might wish to add a drop of dish soap to the cloth for extra cleaning power. Once you're done wiping the case or wallet, leave it to air-dry away from direct sunlet, or wipe it with a dry microfibre cloth to absorb extra droplets.

Personalised Cases to match leading brands like Apple | Samsung | Sony | LG | HTC | Nokia | Motorola and more!

Custom Brand Covers & Cases them for Fund Raising or to Sell

Branded covers and cases are terrific when used to raise funds. Not only can they be very appealing colour wise, but with the right design, you can sell your case at a premium for the benefit of your charity. Your customers can also proudly display their support for your cause as well, which we have found very common. So instead of selling chocolates to raise funds, why not consider something entirely different and unique and sell branded Phone Covers and Tablet Cases instead?

Buy a Mix of Cases in Bulk

When you place your order, you can purchase a combination of different covers and cases in various dimensions to match different devices. It does not cost extra and will provide your guests with an array of options that will match their needs. Mix between brands and devices.

As a small tip, consider gifting these as a set along with portable charge batteries smart devices or a nice promotional phone chair.

Surveys Show Most Tablet Owners have More than One Holder

You may be surprised, but most owners of IPad and Tablet devices have more than one carry case. Essentially people simply get bored with having the same looking holder and because fun Cases for your device is so low in cost, more often than not people will interchange between the cases throughout the year. Different cases also have different ergonomics as well which would make people like to own more than one.

Thin or Thick Custom Phone Cases

When it comes to products like cases, covers and phone bumpers, there are many options to choose. One of the main criteria you should consider is the thickness of the case. A thicker case will provide the device with more protection. If you are expecting your recipient to use the case outdoors or in a harsher environment then going for a thicker case is essential. For office workers, you may like to consider cases that are thinner for a more attractive look and ease of use. There are no slim cases that will provide the same protection as thicker cases though.

Logo Debossed Tablet Case

Orange Pad Cover

Image for full-colour printing on phone case.

Phone Case_2

Smart Phone Case

Image for siliconed debossed on smart silicone wallet.

Silicone Phone Wallet

Image for full colour printing on mobile phone arm band.

Mobile Armband

Image for pad printing on mobile armband.

Mobile Armband_1


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