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Promotional Fidget Spinners, Cubes & Poppers

Buy fidget spinners custom printed with your graphic or logo. Fidget spinners, cubes & poppers are unique anti-stress promotional gifts that help users from all walks of life relax. We stock a large assortment of fidget toys which are fun to engage with and extremely durable. Cubic Promote's fidget products are ideal for busy workers, unfocused children, and the neurodiverse alike. So if you're looking for unique and affordable custom gifts you'll love fidget spinners, poppers, and cubes.

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We Pad Print, Emboss, Laser Engrave & Digitally Print in Full Colour

Using pad print, embossing, laser engraving, and digital printing technology, we will add your logo onto fidget devices. Pad printing offers 1-3 colour decoration, but if you would like photographic colours we recommend digital printing instead.

Embossing is suitable for fidget poppers, as it imprints your design directly into the silicone outer of the product. Finally, we offer laser engraving for metal fidget devices only, which involves us etching the design into the spinner itself. No matter what process you select the result is your logo looking eye-catching in prime position on the fidget devices.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our standard turnaround time for custom sensory gifts is two weeks. However, if you have an urgent deadline, please let us know at the time of order, and we will work towards your required delivery date.

What are Sensory & Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are handheld objects that allow users to engage their hands in a repetitive activity that may help them with anxieties or sensory issues. While neurodiverse children and young adults often use fidget devices to help them "stim", products like spinners, cubes, and poppers have recently found mainstream success in offices around the world.

Many working adults appreciate fidget devices as corporate gifts because they help keep their hands busy when on an important phone call or engaging with a prospective client via Zoom. They're also popular conference giveaways to help event attendees "switch off" during hectic periods. As a result, many businesses like to order and distribute their logo branded versions of sensory toys for added brand exposure.

Stress-Busting Gifts for All Ages

Our fidget spinners, popper and cubes are the perfect gifts for adults and children. These toys have become a massive hit with individuals from ages 8-108! However, due to the small parts contained in spinners and cubes we don't recommend these items for kids under the age of 5. Instead, if you'd like a custom branded sensory gift suitable for all ages why not grab a fidget popper? They have no small parts, are lightweight, and are super easy to keep clean!

Hand out fidget goodies to help relax individuals across the age groups out as part of a show bag, provide them to staff or students as appealing attendance gifts, or distribute them as part of a larger marketing campaign. The sky's the limit with the range of engaging promotional spinners available to purchase from Cubic Promote. 

How to Care for Fidget Spinners

We recommend cleaning your fidget spinners or cubes with a small amount of dish soap on a damp cloth. Gently rub the cloth over your fidget toy until any visible marks are removed. Do not dunk the toys directly in water and do not touch the ball bearings within products like spinners. We recommend storing all fidget devices out of direct sunlight to preserve your branding for as long as possible.

FAQ on Fidget Toys

Do you supply fidget spinners with logo printing?

Yes, we supply fidget spinners with your custom branding. Select from spinners, cubes, or poppers for your next marketing campaign.

What is the smallest number of fidget toys I can order?

The minimum quantity of fidget toys we can supply is 100 units.

Can you make fidget poppers in custom shapes?

Yes, we can make custom-shaped fidget poppers for you using a customised forme. Give our team a call to learn more about this process.

Are fidget spinners and cubes suitable for young children?

No, we do not recommend fidget spinners or cubes for very young kids. Fidget spinners and cubes have ball bearings and other small elements which mean they may pose a choking hazard.

Fidget poppers have no small parts and are suitable for younger children so we recommend using these instead.

Can you supply other promotional sensory gifts not listed here?

Yes, we can supply quirky squish toys and other stimming goodies upon request. Get in touch with our friendly customer care team to learn more about pricing and timeframes for custom orders.

We also carry custom-printed unique stressballs, a great alternative to your sensory gifts that your customers will enjoy as well.

Popularity & History of Spinners

The spinner and fidget toys were originally designed for use to help individuals with ADHD, Autism or anxiety issues keep themselves stimulated in a relaxing way. In 2017 they hit new levels of popularity after becoming popular online and are now often distributed as fun promotional toys across Australia.

How To Play a Spinner?

To play a spinner, it is simple. Just hold the device between your thumb and any other finger, using another finger or your free hand, directly spin the device. The ball bearing middle will enable the spinner to glide smoothly in a circular motion.

Digitally Full Colour Printed Fidget Spinners

Coloured Fidget Spinner

White Fidget Spinner

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Pop-it Fidget


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