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Promotional Fidget Spinners & Cubes

Purchase Fidget Spinners imprinted with your graphics or logos. Fidget Spinners, cubes and sticks are the hottest promotional product in Australia right now.

Fast Turnaround Spinners & Fidget Toys

We deliver fidget spinners within five working days all around Australia, complete with your graphics or branding decorated onto the unit. We also supply fidget cubes, personalised with your graphics too.

Perfect For Custom Branding

Fidget spinners are an awesome promotional product. They are engaging, attract visual attention and can be easily carried around.

Perfect Promotional Toy for Children & Adults

A fidget spinner is an ideal alternative option to the traditional stress ball. A spinner or fidget toy is to relieve stress, and the sight and sound of a spinner in action are rather soothing, which makes them perfect for both Children and Adults.

Brand your logo on fidget toys for next Conference, Expo or Marketing Event in Australia

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Also known as a fiddle spinner, a fidget spinner is a small pocket-friendly device made from plastic, metal or commonly a combination of both plastic and metal.

The spinner is typically a flat piece that is symmetrical and equally weighted. The centre of the spinner is made from high-quality ball bearings which enable the spinner to rotate smoothly from the centre.

Popularity & History of Spinners

The spinner and fidget toys were originally designed for use to treat ADHD, Autism or anxiety issues. In 2017 they are now the hottest handheld toy in Australia.

How To Play a Spinner?

To play a spinner, it is simple. Just hold the device between your thumb and any other finger, using another finger or your free hand, directly spin the device. The ball bearing middle will enable the spinner to glide smoothly in a circular motion.

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