Fruity Gummy Lollies

Custom Branded Promotional Gummy Lollies and Chewy Fruit Candies

Treat your recipients with Cubic Promote's extensive range of promotional fruit gummy lollies, branded in bulk with your logo design. Sweet treats are a popular giveaway option for large events like expos, trade shows, and conferences because they draw positive attention to your brand. Choose from a range of fruit flavoured lollies in packages we personalise with your branding and graphics. Stand out from the crowd with these unique, flavoursome candies that your recipients will be talking about for days!

Custom Branding on Lolly Packaging

When you order promotional fruit lollies from Cubic Promote, your branding gets personalised onto the label of the candy. We print your graphics and images in a gorgeous full-colour effect. For products such as metal jars or cups, we can also laser engrave your design. These options make these already attractive products even more appealing to your recipients.

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About Chewy Fruits & Brandable Soft Lollies

Chewy fruits are the equivalent of Skittles. As we all know this means that they are somewhat close in taste to jelly beans but with a slightly sour (fruity) edge. So if you or your guests like something that is chewy and will not make a mess (unlike chewing gum) then these are a great option for your event or promotion. We also stock authentic Skittles if you are brand conscious - your guests will love their taste and inventive colours.

What Are Custom Chewy Fruit Candies?

Our Promotional chewy fruit lollies are candy products that provide an enjoyable chewing experience with flavouring based on fruits. We package them in logo decorated packages ready for your business expos, university O-Weeks or community events. Our chewy fruit lollies include famous brands such as Trolli's Gummy Bears, Mars Corporation's Skittles, and Allen's mixed lollies/snakes. We also produce our own high-quality confectionery based on fruit flavours such as apple, grape, orange, strawberry, lemon, and more! We suggest chewy fruit lollies for any event where your recipients will require tasty snacks that capture their imagination.

Amazing Array of Blues | Greens | Yellows | Red | Pink | Purple | Black | White Colours

Chewy fruity lollies come in an amazing array of primary colours that look gorgeous and work well with corporate requirements. If you want to add colour and flavour to your event, you cannot go past our range of Chewy Candies in packaging branded with your logo design.

Storing Your Customised Lollies

The hard coated lollies that you will see in this category like the Chewy Fruits will have a shelf life of around two years. Among promotional confectionery, these have one of the longest lifespans around. If you want to store them, we recommend that they are kept at room temperature (or below) away from sunlight and humidity.

Gummy lollies like snakes and mixed soft lollies meanwhile have a shelf life of one year. For storage once again we recommend storing them away from sunlight and humidity.

Australian Made With Food Safety Approval

All our candy items you see in this category are safety approved under all relevant Australian Government laws, regulations and industry bodies. We do not provide unsafe or unsanitary products under any circumstance. You do not want to risk offering your guests products that do not carry Food Safety approvals, hence why Cubic Promote's range is ideal when you have your recipients health in mind. We are an APPA member and part of our membership mandates that all our products must be safe for use and consumption. Buy from Cubic Promote, and you can be confident of meeting food safety standards for you and your guests.

We Sell Promotional Snakes and Soft Lollies in Custom Packaging

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