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Promotional Gift Ideas for Kids' Holiday Events

Kids are energetic, full of life and mischief. They run around, they make lots of noise. They want things that will keep them going.   During school holidays there are many events that take place and some events only happen during the school holidays. Say for instance the Day out with Thomas over @ Train Works in Thirlmere NSW, life size Thomas trains visit Train Works for the holiday, other kids activities include face painting, story telling, jumping castles and more.
Community libraries and local Play Groups often hold story times for young kids and nursery rhymes and sing for babies and toddlers. During the school holidays, some of these community groups recess and or offer themed activities, say Easter, or Christmas.
During these kids event, it is always nice to be able to offer giveaways and freebies to kids to take home. We can offer the following suggestions when it comes to satisfying those little minds:

Low Cost Kids Gift Ideas

Something small use on the day or to take home and play:
Colour pencils       Wax Highlighters      Temporary tattoos    Foam Visors        Frisbees       Small water bottles   
ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 13.58        ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 13.59       ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 14.00    ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 14.01     ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 14.01   ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 14.04

More Kids Holiday Gift Ideas:

For something that can be reused time and time again:
Bucket hats     Kids Yo Yos          Small Footy Balls      Boucing Balls       Lunch Boxes      Back sacks          Crayons
ScreenHunter 04 Mar. 27 14.21  ScreenHunter 03 Mar. 27 14.13    ScreenHunter 03 Mar. 27 14.14  ScreenHunter 04 Mar. 27 14.16   ScreenHunter 04 Mar. 27 14.18  ScreenHunter 04 Mar. 27 14.19ScreenHunter 02 Mar. 27 14.13

These items are perfect for businesses sponsoring kids' holiday events.  Branding is available on all the products.

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