Promotional Gifts for Conferences

Conferences are held every year, every month and every week within Australia.  Conferences are an invaluable source of opportunity from networking through to knowledge transfer and idea generation.  The beauty of conferences is that they are useful in almost all industries and all occupations.  From small local businesses to multi national businesses you can be assured that there would be a committee or a trade group that would be holding a conference.

Conferences are often confused with a tradeshow.  The two are quite different though so the merchandise needs for both types of events would also be quite different.  The key points of a conference versus a tradeshow are:

Characteristics of a Conference
-  Are smaller than a tradeshow
-  Has a specific topic for discussion
-  Usually has no exhibitor booths (or at most just a few)
-  Participants tend to have a direct relevance or stake in the topic and the event
-  Normally closed to public

Characteristics of a Tradeshow
-  Normally are quite big.  Much bigger than a conference in face
-  Generally has a broad theme or topic
-  May or may not contain a conference as a sub topic or event within a tradeshow
-  Has plenty of exhibitor booths
-  Is more sales oriented
-  Has more participants
-  Has more particpants that have indirect or little direct stake in the event or topic
-  Normally open to public

With this in mind it would make sense that the type of promotional gift that you hand out during a conference be different to what you may use for a tradeshow.  Here are some tips and ideas on what characteristics you would like to look for:

1)  Branded gift products that are mementos
2)  Less volume but higher quality items
3)  Products that cater for use both during the event and other items for after the event
4)  Products with a larger branding area to cater for co-branding scenarios

With that in mind some specific products we can recomend include:

Branded Conference Merchandise To Use At the Event

notepad 042013 conferencecandy 042013 conferencepen 042013 pen conferencehighlighter 042013 conferencelanyard 042013 conferencepromotional calculator 042013stressball conference042013usbdrive 042013 conferenceconferencebottle042013

Corporate Candy - Any confectionery in fact

Flash drives




watches2013conferencetie 2013conference2013 scarf


Branded Conference Merchandise As Mementos

Promotional Bags
Engraved glassware
Customised Watch
Custom Ties
Custom Ladies Silk Scarves

These are the types of products that for years have been immensely popular with conferences of all different types.  If you would like specific suggestions or more ideas our friendly team is always here to help.

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