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There has never been a better or more affordable way to get your company recognised than with specialty promotional gifts that will leave a delightful first impression on potential customers and improve business relations with existing customers. Whether your company is small or large, everyone can benefit from promotional items to help their business stand out. Australia-wide, Cubic Promote offers an assorted collection of corporate promotional merchandise such as branded flashdrives, personalised pens, clothing

Branded Flashdrives: Have your company name and logo emblazoned on our branded flashdrives and embrace a marketing trick that will set you apart from your competition. The perfect pocket-sized promotional gift, our personalised USB flashdrives range from 512MB through to 16GB. Practical and convenient, your clients will appreciate such a valuable gift, while you will enjoy the advertising benefits it will bring your company.

Branded umbrellas: Stylish, unique and affordable, our promotional casual and corporate umbrellas are a great way to show off your company name and logo on a dull, rainy day. Choose from a great range of shapes and colours in many different styles, including our branded golf umbrellas for an enjoyable day out on the green. Brighten up your customer or staff member’s day with our custom branded umbrellas that are not only useful, but are the ideal gift everyone will appreciate and benefit from.

Corporate Bags: Have your name and logo alongside your customers and staff wherever they go with multipurpose customised corporate backpacks and laptop bags that your clients and staff will not only find practical, but will make them look sharp and professional. The ultimate in promotional gifts, our range of sturdy and roomy corporate bags specially made with your logo and brand name can feature padded sections, zip locks, padded shoulder straps and carry handles, and will safely enclose important documents, laptops, personal accessories and even lunch.

Corporate clothing: Promotional clothing is one of the best ways to market your business in the public eye and to represent that tidy, crisp uniform look. Cubic Promote supplies high-quality, durable and fitted corporate clothing that can be worn at any tradeshow, expo or even around the office when meeting with potential clients. Our range of premium corporate jackets, outerwear, shirts and polo’s combined with your company name and logo are guaranteed to maximise your business brand when you present them to your staff and customers to wear.

Custom pens: Stationery is still the most marketable way to get your business brand out there. Not only are they affordable when you buy in bulk, they help to promote your professional image. Never let your customers be short of pens again by giving away quality ink custom pens that feature your company name and logo at trade shows and conferences. Custom pens provide an ongoing promotion to your business by receiving well-deserved recognition every time a pen is used inside or outside the office.

Custom USB: Get creative with custom USBs that your clients and staff will enjoy and appreciate. Cubic Promote offers Grade A flash memory USBs in a range of novelty shapes such as coins, ice-creams, hearts, medical units and even a bottle opener! Interesting to look at and functional, for a truly original and fun promotional gift that will help imprint your brand into your customer’s mind through association, our custom USBs will impress your recipients.

Lanyards: Great corporate promotional items for your staff and clients don’t come any better than well-printed lanyards. Great for handing out at tradeshows, expos or meetings with associates, the lanyard is a favourite among the public for its simplicity and utility. Print your company name and logo on our fabric or neoprene printed lanyards to promote your company name and offer them to clients and staff to use for storing forms of identification that must be kept visible, keys and even USB flash drives.

Promotional bags: Available in a range of non-woven, calico and eco-friendly bags, you are not only marketing your company logo and image, but are also instantly showing the public your preference for a sustainable future by producing environmentally-friendly bags. Cheap to buy and distribute, they are available in sling back, tote bag or beach bag designs and in an array of colours to suit you. The best promotional tool for your business is a reusable promotional bag from Cubic Promote.

Promotional calendars: Take this opportunity to let your customers and staff know that you are leading the way in 2012 and beyond with branded calendars featuring your company name and logo. No longer conventional, Cubic Promote features unique promotional calendars in all different styles, from CD box calendars to flip calendars, perpetual calendars, magnetic calendars and even a mouse mat calendar! Promotional calendars are a clever and inexpensive way to promote your business.

Promotional caps: The sky is the limit when it comes to advertising your company brand and logo on promotional caps from Cubic Promote. These funky and useful caps come in an assortment of sizes, fabrics and styles customised to exactly what you want. Perfect for trade show events where your staff can be seen wearing them, or for giveaways as a clever marketing ploy, promotional caps are a great idea as they are popular to wear all year round, maximising your company exposure.

Promotional clothing: It has never been simpler to spread your message across to thousands of people daily as they wear your promotional clothing wherever they go. Promotional clothing is not only comfortable and stylish; it is great for a trade event or conference, or even as a high quality giveaway to potential clients. Featuring clothing for both men and women, Cubic Promote provides your embroidered logo and company name on your choice of material for that professional look.

Promotional coffee mugs: Kick-start everyone’s day with a fantastic promotional coffee mug from Cubic Promote. Your company logo and image printed in fine quality on our ceramic, stainless steel or plastic mugs will be the first thing your customers and staff see when they begin their day, and will reappear in their mind every time they reach for a coffee or a hot chocolate. Eventually, they will associate that good-feeling buzz with your company! Choose from a range of colour for the perfect promotional present.

Promotional flash drives: Whatever industry your company is in, you can be assured that Cubic Promote has a flash drive that will perfectly embody your image in a fun and clever way. Your staff and potential customers will marvel at such an entertaining flash drive, and be grateful for its utility to transport their important documents from one computer to another. Your brand will instantly be considered witty, charming and accessible. Book-shaped promotional flashdrives, chili, poker chips, cars – you name it, we have a design that will represent your company in the best possible way.

Promotional keyrings: Promotional keyrings have always been the most popular form of advertising for any company, alongside pens. Your brand and logo on your choice of plastic or metal promotional keyrings from Cubic Promote ensures that your product will be seen every time your client or potential customer reaches for their car keys or storeroom keys. Why not get a custom printed truck tape measure keyring for that unusual but handy gift idea that is immeasurable in value.

Promotional mints: For a really interesting advertising tool, promotional mints and mint jars from Cubic Promote will leave a nice taste in your client or potential customer’s mouth. Not often thought of, but making a lot of sense, promotional mints with your logo and brand name are a great idea as they can be put on any desk or reception and consumed before your clients have meetings or after lunch. Give your clients a lovely and fresh breath with promotional mints that everyone will be grateful for.

Promotional mugs: Regardless of the weather outside, everyone enjoys a nice warm cup or coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Promotional mugs are ideal business marketing tools as there is always one within reach on a desk – office work wouldn’t be completed without one on hand! Imprint your company name and logo on a promotional mug from Cubic Promote, or try our branded travel or thermal mug to warm your customers up in the cold winter months.

Promotional pens: Endorsing your company name with a promotional pen from Cubic Promote is almost a minimum staple requirement for your business. Not only do you have a choice of plastic, metal or BIC to engrave your company name and logo on, our promotional pens are available from low cost through to pricier pens. You can never have enough pens, so buy in bulk and distribute them to your clients and potential customers for a clever marketing trick.

Promotional polo shirts: A timeless style for men, women and kids, combine your business with a trendy promotional polo shirt from Cubic Promote. Ensure your business never goes out of style with promotional polo shirts with your company name and logo on it, perfect for trade shows and exhibitions where you want to represent your company using a tidy personal culture.  Maximum comfort and style enables maximum marketing opportunities for your business.

Promotional stress balls: People are naturally drawn to a novelty toy that is also useful. Give your clients and potential customers promotional stress balls from Cubic Promote to help relieve the days’ tensions and also promote wellbeing. Our low-cost stress balls are an instant hit, and put a smile on an otherwise solemn day. Not everything has to get down to business, which is why promotional stress balls with your company name and logo are a great creative gift.

Promotional stubby coolers: Australians love their cold drinks, so they will also love promotional stubby coolers from Cubic Promote. Stubby coolers are becoming more popular because they are such a novelty that is also useful. Whether your clients or potential clients will use your promotional stubby cooler at home or in the office for Friday drinks, you can be sure your logo and company name will be neatly branded on the stubby cooler for all to see.

Promotional T-shirts: Never going out of style, our promotional t-shirts provide great value wherever you and your customers go. Promotional t-shirts from Cubic Promote are a great quality giveaway at trade events and conferences. Get your company’s message out there when you imprint your business name and logo on our range of promotional t-shirts for men and women.

Promotional umbrellas: Rail, hail or shine, our promotional umbrellas are a great marketing tool to help set your company name apart from your competitors. Simply by having your business name and logo emblazoned on one panel, your potential clients and current customers will be thrilled to have a promotional umbrella that will protect them from the harsh Australian elements whenever they are outside.

Promotional USB: One of the most useful items in any business is the ability to transfer data from one computer to another efficiently and easily. With a promotional USB, you reap the double benefits of providing your customers with an object that is useful, and maximising your business every time they use it. For great marketing ideas, give away a promotional USB from Cubic Promote with your brand name and logo on it.

Promotional water bottles: Water is the essence of life, and promotional water bottles from Cubic Promote are the essence of a good marketing strategy! Our promotional water bottles are available in plastic, aluminium and virtually indestructible Polycarbonate. All of our promotional water bottles can be branded with your business logo or image, so every time your potential customer or client reaches for a drink, they’ll be reminded that your company gives them vitality.

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