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Promotional Metal Pens

Buy Promotional Metal Pens

Metal pens branded with your logo. In this category, there is an extensive range of stocked pen styles. Our metal pens are quality writing pieces which will look beautiful with your logo branded onto them. All our pens in this range are made either from stainless steel, aluminium or brass. Your pen will look great year after year. All prices displayed in this category include pen and custom pad printing. Prices do not include GST and delivery.

Pens come standard with black ink, but blue ink is possible - just ask our friendly team for more information!

Quick Custom Pens Delivered to Australia

The standard turnaround time for branded pens is two weeks, however, if you require promotional pens in a hurry simply enquire about our urgent express time. We have the fastest turnaround time in Australia for quick orders and can have your product branded and delivered in a matter of days if you required your pen urgently.

Pad Print Your Logo onto Metal Pens

The most popular way to brand onto pens is by spot colour pad printing. We can also achieve full-colour digital printing on limited metal pen styles. Single spot colours on either or both sides as well as laser engraving are the most popular branding options as they are simple, effective and budget-friendly. See more about laser engraving below.

Custom Engraving on Metal Pens

The best advantage about using a metal pen, is that we can engrave your design directly onto them. When you engrave on a silver or white colour pen, the result will look like having your branding etched onto the surface. Subtle engraving looks rather nice, and the best example of engraving would be the back of your watch.

When engraving on a coloured metal pen though, the visual effect is different. Instead of merely just a light coloured etch. An engraved job on a coloured surface will result in the entire colour on the pen to be effectively scratched off to reveal the under surface of a pen. The layer underneath will typically be either silver or a bronze colour. The final result will be quite dramatic and extremely attractive.

Black or Blue Ink Barrels for Bulk Pens

Our pens come available in your choice of black ink or blue ink. In the past, we have found that blue ink barrel pens have been especially popular for those who work in industries where identifying an original copy of a document is important. A blue ink signature can easily distinguish between documents that are originals and copies. Availability is limited though so please ask us at the time you place your order if indeed you required blue ink barrels.

Tips on Choosing Promotional Metal Pens

When you select your custom branded pen, be wary of pens that may look the same, but are inferior in quality. There are many sneaky things that other vendors may do to cut corners and to deliver a pen that may not be all that it seems including:

1) Shorter Ink Barrels. A shorter ink barrel means that there is less ink for your recipient to use. Your pen's life cycle will be over in simply a matter of pages when used.

2) Regular steel as opposed to stainless steel. When lower grade steel is used to make pens, they will look similar when brand new. However, over time the cheaper quality steel will result in corrosion and rust.

3) Poor construction. When a pen not well made, overtime, you would see things like the clip getting a bit loose and overall you will start getting a pen that feels like it is falling apart. Not a good look, especially when customised with your logo.

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