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Promotional Plastic Pens

Buy Promotional Plastic Pens

Select from an extensive range of promotional pens that are custom branded with your logo. Possibly pens are the most popular promotional item in the world. A well-branded pen with your corporate details will go a long way in getting your logo recognised. We have a huge range of pens stocked in our warehouse and ready to be branded with your logo with fast turnaround times. Ask about our urgently same day production service, or save money and go for our regular 1.5-week service.

Option for Blue Ink Cartridges - Most of our Pen Options are now available with a choice of blue ink

Pens Decorated with Pad Printing

We personalised our range of plastic pens with your logo using a method called pad printing. Prices show below includes your custom print. Prices do exclude GST and delivery, though. All pens are stocked in Australia (except custom made indent product options). Please ask us for a proper quote.

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What is a Promotional Plastic Pen?

Promotional plastic pens are ink-filled writing instruments with plastic barrels that use a nib or ball at the tip so that you can write notes directly onto paper. Our range of plastic pens come in various colours and shapes, meaning we have an ideal promotional pen for any event. These lightweight writing devices come branded with your logo design for use in businesses, at tradeshows, in schools or universities, and of course at home.

Cheap or Premium Biros With Branding

You would be interested to know that all our pens are exceptionally good in value. In fact, if you see a lower price we will match it and will also give you a gift too. However, as you will notice on our website our pens can range from a dollar through to hundreds of dollars. So what essentially is the difference? Well, pens that are up to $20 all share the same ink barrels. The internal structure of these pens means they all write the same with the main difference is purely in the pen case design. The pen casing will affect how your pen with your logo is perceived. Therefore where possible, we recommend you to choose the pen that fits your branding aesthetically as opposed to merely opting for the lowest-priced pen. Low-cost cheap pens run the risk of being disposed of all too quickly which would be a real shame when your branding is printed onto it.

Buy Full Colour Printed Pens

We now offer pens that we print in a gorgeous full colour wrapped effect. Ask us about this option. You can create some truly special graphics and images using our full colour printed pen process.

Trivia: Who Invented the Modern Pen?

Courtesy of Wikipedia: John Loud and Lazlo Biro were the inventors. Back in the year 1888, they made the original pen as an alternative to quills and fountain pens which were quite messy and inconvenient for daily use. The development of the original pen utilised an internal pool of ink which would dispense appropriate amounts of ink through the tip using a rotating metal ball. Thus was born the product which we now know as the Biro Pen.

Quality Bulk Pens That Write Well

The biggest problem that prevents pens from writing well is due to the ink clogging up the rotating metal ball on the tip of your pen. All our pens write extremely well because each batch of pens that we bring in sells out within months. There is no chance of the ink clogging which is perfect news for you when you want a good writing pen that works instantly upon receipt by your guest.


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