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Aussies enjoy staying fit and active, which means gyms and health clubs are in higher demand across the country than ever before. With new clubs springing up regularly and an increasing number of potential patrons looking to bulk, tone or simply enjoy a fitness class, it's important that organisations stay on top of their game with appealing athletic merchandise and promotional accessories.

One of the most popular tried-and-true goodies that gyms and fitness clubs utilise are promotional sports bags and backpacks featuring custom branding.

Buying Customised Bags for Fitness Clubs

When choosing bags for your fitness club or gym venue, a good first suggestion would be to offer a couple of options to your customers. Generally a branded backpack or duffle bag are the two most popular options, with each allowing adequate space for carrying gym gear. We will brand your logo on each bag using your choice of embroidery or printing to achieve a clear representation of your design. The goal is to not only have your recipients notice the branding, but passers-by and fellow gym junkies as well!

Personalised Gym Junkie Gifts

While bags are one of the most practical gifts or prizes you can give to your active recipients, they're definitely not the only option. Some other popular products used to promote health clubs include:

These are just a few of the items that are very popular with health clubs, but there are countless others on our website that may suit specific campaigns. Not only do these suggested products benefit the recipient directly but they provide amazing exposure to friends and relatives of the actual member as well as the general public when they see your branding out and about in the community.

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