Promotional Products for Indoors and Outdoors

It can be quite tricky to select promotional products. One of the challenges widely faced by company representatives is defining how exactly they intend on using the promotional merchandise. To add on to the confusion, it takes a while to understand that there is seasonal merchandise. Some promotional items can be used indoors but is a disaster when used outdoors, and vice versa.

Indoor and Outdoor Promotional Products

After careful analysis, we categorised products and grouped them into two categories;

Indoor Promotional Products

Some items are made specifically for indoor usage regardless of the season and location. Popular indoor items that are always in demand include; Soft fold up Frisbees, promotional stationery, stress balls, mouse pads, USB flash drives and a whole lot more.


  • Items can be used on a daily basis
  • Tends to be easy in the pocket
  • Passers-by can also see your logo or brand at close proximity
  • Items tend to be personal and can be used easily.


  • Minimal exposure to random passer-by’s
  • Smaller items can be easily lost and/or misplaced
  • Potentially has more competition from similar products

Outdoor Promotional Products

Typically, there are some products identified specifically as outdoor items. The most popular in this category being; umbrellas, bags, caps, beach balls, sunscreen lotion tubes, sunglasses, headphones, Frisbees and the most popular currently being fidget spinners.


  • Increased brand exposure hence more marketing at no extra costs
  • Tend to be useful and handy, e.g. umbrella
  • Usually, have a longer lifespan when compared to the indoor items


  • Can be a tad expensive compared to indoor items
  • Some items are for short term use and cannot be used on a daily basis

Ultimately, it depends on the recipient and their plans. Some items can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on the season and location. However, it will help save energy and time if you get specific items for specific use.

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