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Promotional USB Drives In Bulk

Explore Cubic Promote's extensive collection of promotional USB drives, tailored for businesses seeking practical data storage solutions. Ideal for corporate, educational, and tech sectors, our branded USB sticks combine functionality with brand exposure. Ensure your company's presence is memorable and utilitarian with our diverse range of promotional USBs, perfect for any professional setting. Dive into Australia's leading supplier for your promotional USBs, ensuring your brand remains unforgettable.

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Branding Techniques 

  • Pad Printing: Get a sleek look without breaking the bank with our pad-printed promotional USBs, perfect for clear, sharp logos.
  • Digital Print: Make your USBs pop with full-colour printing, bringing your brand to life in vibrant detail.
  • Laser Engraving: Available for metal and bamboo USBs, laser engraving etches your design permanently, giving a classy, durable finish.

Services We Offer

To enhance your promotional USB drive campaign, we offer a variety of services and options to meet your specific needs:

  • Pre-Data Loading: We can preload your USB drives with up to 100 megabytes of data for $0.50 per unit, perfect for sharing your company profile, product catalogues, or presentations with your audience.
  • Data Hard Coding: For $1.00 per flash drive, we offer data hard coding, ensuring that the preloaded content cannot be deleted, providing a permanent marketing tool.

Other Options Available

  • Gift Boxing: Elevate your promotional gift by opting for a stylish gift box. Please consult our team for the available packaging options that best suit your brand and design.
  • Business Card/Flyer Insertion: For an additional $0.20, you can include a business card or flyer inside the gift box, providing further information or promotions to the recipient.
  • Keyring Attachment: Enhance functionality with a keyring, making the USB drive a handy accessory. Available on select models.
  • Lanyard Addition: Add a lanyard to your USB drive, ensuring it's always within reach. This option is available for certain styles.

Flash Drive Capacity Options: We offer a wide range of storage capacities to suit your budget and requirements, including 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

Grade-A Quality Memory Chips

Your custom-branded plastic USB flash drives, equipped with premium Grade-A memory chips, ensure fast and reliable data transfer. They secure and easily retrieve every file, providing your staff or clients with peace of mind. These drives are more than just promotional items; they are essential, high-performance tools for daily use, enhancing your brand's reputation for quality and dependability.

How to Maintain USB Drives

Taking care of your flash drives can significantly extend their lifespan and ensure data integrity. Here are key care tips:

  • Keep Dry: Avoid exposure to liquids to prevent internal damage.
  • Use a Cap: If provided, use the cap to protect the USB connector from dust and debris.
  • Avoid Heat and Sunlight: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent overheating.
  • Eject Safely: Always "eject" the flash drive before removing it from a computer to avoid data corruption.
  • Keep Away from Magnets: Strong magnetic fields can potentially erase data, so store your flash drive away from magnets.



Do you also sell blank or unbranded USB flash drives?

Yes, in addition to customised options, we offer blank or unbranded USB flash drives for customers seeking simple, versatile storage solutions without any added branding.

How durable are they?

Our flash drives are designed for durability, featuring high-quality materials and construction to withstand daily use and protect your data.

Is it possible to preload content on the flash drives before distribution?

Yes, we can preload your promotional content, presentations, or documents on the flash drives, making them ready for immediate use by your recipients.

Can they be recycled?

Our USB drives contain electronic components that complicate recycling, but many parts can be recycled. We encourage responsible disposal through electronic waste recycling programs to minimise environmental impact.

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