Purple Promotional Products: Harmony and Spirituality

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As you know by now, colour choice plays an important key in effective marketing, particularly strategies involving promotional products for handing out to both loyal customers and potential markets. If you are looking to hand out personalised items and would like your business to be associated with nobility, power and luxury, then choose Purple Promotional Products.

Purple Tumbler and Purple Mug

Purple Being a Regal Colour

In the world of business, the colour Purple is seen as the perfect harmony between the tranquil Blue and stimulating Red. You would also be pleased to learn that purple is most often associated with royalty especially during the ancient times when great effort had to be made to create garments dyed in this colour. Suffice to say, it evokes feeling of sophistication and elegance. So, if you would like to offer premium products and services, you should consider the colour Purple in your campaign and promotional merchandise choices.

Aside from these characteristics, this colour is also associated with creativity. This is perhaps the reason why businesses that are targeting creative individuals such as artists, psychics and writers should use this colour to attract such creative minds.

Of course, Purple is believed to be the colour of good judgement and favoured by individuals looking for spiritual fulfilment. Surrounding yourself with purple can lead to peace of mind which explains why it is usually use during meditation. If you happen to be offering products or services designed to improve spirituality or encourage relaxation and peace of mind, opting for purple promotional products will be a good idea.

What the Other Purple Shades Imply

For a complete understanding of the colour Purple, check out its different shades and what they convey:

  • Light Purple – this shade is perfect for evoking nostalgic and romantic feelings.
  • Violet – believed to be the colour of purpose
  • Dark Purple – unlike the lighter shades, it is associated with sad feelings, frustrations and gloom.
  • Lavender – also evokes sentimentality

purple brush

Colour Suggestions for Branding on Purple

We have a range of purple coloured products in our range ready to be branded with your logo. Certain branded colours work better with a purple promotional product. Some colour combinations we would recomend:

For maximum clarity & impact:

- Purple Promotional Products with a White Print for plastics

- Purple Promotional Products with a white print for metal surfaces

For subtle and stylish branding:

- Purple Promotional Products with a lighter shaded purple print for plastics

- Purple Promotional Products with laser engraving for metal surfaces

For more creative branding on purple products:

- yellow print on purple

- red print on purple

These are of course suggested colours of course. From experience though with branding these types of colours simply work the best. Other types of colours when branded on purple are not as attractive! For ideas on the types of products that we carry in purple give us a call today. We have everything from:

- Purple Mugs

- Purple Jelly Beans

- Purple Keyrings

- Purple Promotional Pens

- Purple Promotional USB

- Purple stressballs

Screen Hunter Screen Hunter Screen Hunter purple usb

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