Real Estate Product Ideas

Cubic Promote has done a ton of projects for merchandise for real estate agents in Australia and we have a bit of experience as to what we know will work well for you and what products that do not work well.  Typically real estate companies and agents work to build up a profile within a community.  It is with this focus that will make products that work well locally a bit different to promotional products for example a national phone carrier.

Products for a Diverse Community

Australia is a diverse country.  Some suburbs are more diverse than others and no one would know better than yourself if you were needing promotional products for your organisation.  If you are an Estate Agent or organisation working within property that did have a clientele with a different culture then it would be prudent to ensure that none of your marketing efforts unintentionally offend.  For example one would never wish to send a promotional gift in the form of a clock or a watch to a person with a Chinese background.  If in doubt please contact a friendly team member as we have plenty of experience and cultural knowledge to know what not to send as a gift.

Form and Function are Your Keys To Marketing Success

Specifically if you are needing promotional products for home buyers or for residential rent market you would need products that are functional, appropriate and that will enhance the lifestyle of the recipient.  This is the most important followed closely by how good your promotional item looks.  With that in mind we think that these products are fantastic ideas and have categorised them into 3 general categories being:

1)  Essential Marketing Products for Real Estate Agents
2)  Welcome Gifts for New Tenants
3)  Non Essential but nice to have Marketing Products

Check out our recomendations below:

Essential Marketing Products for Real Estate Agents

The basics we would recomend are:
Business Cards
Personalised Pens
Fridge Magnet Calendars
Corporate Branded Clothing

real estate promotional products 3

Welcome Branded Gifts for New Tenants

A nice gift for new tenants will make you memorable for years to come at a very small cost to you.  Some products we have include:
Oven Mits
-  Aprons
Kitchen Mugs
Tape measures
Promotional Flashlights
Tool kits and screwdriver sets

real estate promotional products

Non Essential but nice to have Marketing Products

Products that support your branding and advertising are always a great way to make you memorable with your community.  Some examples we have include:

Branded lollybags
-  Custom Soft Plush Toys

real estate promotional products 2

These recomendations are based on some of the more popular options that we have supplied Real Estate Companies around Australia with.  These products will certainly strike a positive chord within your working community and suburbs and are products we highly recommend.  If you did indeed wished to have specific ideas why don't you give us a call or an email on and our friendly sales team will be glad to assist.

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