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In a market where standing out is key, customised socks are your go-to promotional powerhouse. Cubic Promote is proud to offer an extensive collection of promotional socks that not only bear your unique brand logo but also promise everyday comfort and style. Our branded socks are not just a product; they are a mobile billboard for your message, garnering attention with every step taken by the wearer. 

Personalised Socks Australia

Cubic Promote's range of promotional socks extends from the playful and vibrant to the professional and subtle. Whether you need kids’ and baby socks or sophisticated options for adults, our branded socks come in a variety of styles to suit any demographic, complete with the snug comfort your recipients deserve. We offer fully customisable options, where your brand can be woven, embroidered, or printed right into the fabric, ensuring longevity and daily brand exposure.

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Innovative Branding Techniques for Printed Socks

Leveraging advanced branding technologies, we ensure your promotional socks leap out in full colour and design. Choose digital full-colour sublimation for a dramatic effect, with your logo embracing the sock in every hue imaginable, or opt for a woven or embroidered approach for a classic touch. With 100% print coverage possible, your customised socks can be as bold or as understated as you desire.

Visualise Your Branded Promotional Socks with Our Mock-Ups

Witness your brand come to life with our expert graphic design team's visual mock-ups of your custom promotional socks. We offer this complimentary mock-up service to our clients, ensuring you can visualise your envisioned personalised socks before making any commitments.

Experience Our Promotional Socks Selection Personally

Assess the quality of our socks for yourself by requesting unbranded samples. Available for just the cost of delivery, this enables you to personally inspect the materials and craftsmanship before placing your bulk order.

100% Confidence with Pre-Production Samples of Custom Socks

We demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction by offering pre-production samples of your selected personalised socks, showcasing your branding, for a nominal fee. This fee encompasses all associated costs, from production to delivery, giving you the assurance to proceed with your comprehensive order confidently.

Artwork Guidance for Impeccable Branding on Printed Socks

For the most precise branding on your customised socks, we advise supplying your logo in an Adobe Illustrator file format, like EPS or AI, with editable vector outlines. Adobe PDF files with vector paths are also suitable, but we suggest avoiding PDFs derived from JPGs. If your logo is currently only in JPG, GIF, PNG, or similar formats, our skilled design team is on hand to recreate your logo for an additional fee.

No event is too formal or casual for a pair of Cubic Promote's custom socks. With options ranging from sleek business socks for the boardroom to athletic ankle socks for leisure, and even sport-specific knee-highs, we cater to every need. Our personalised socks Australia are more than just apparel; they're a statement—a statement that Cubic Promote is ready to help you make.

Swift and Reliable Delivery for Personalised Socks Australia

Our personalised socks Australia are stocked and ready for customisation right here on Australian soil. With a standard turnaround of four weeks, we also offer expedited services for those last-minute promotional opportunities. Communicate your urgency, and we'll ensure your promotional socks are delivered when you need them.

Care Instructions for Long-lasting Branded Socks

Durability meets convenience with our branded socks. Machine washable and easy to maintain, these custom socks are crafted to withstand the rigours of daily wear while keeping your branding vibrant wash after wash. For our digitally printed socks, we recommend a cold wash to maintain the brilliance of your design over time.

FAQs on Customised Socks

Can Cubic Promote provide printed socks featuring our brand's logo?

Absolutely, we specialise in offering socks adorned with your unique brand imagery. Our customisation options include weaving and embroidery directly into the fabric of the sock, or employing state-of-the-art digital full-colour printing to showcase your logo across the entirety of the sock. For a more understated approach, we also offer options to imprint your logo on a smaller section of the sock.

What's the minimum order quantity for custom socks?

We accommodate orders starting at a minimum of 100 pairs of socks, ensuring that your promotional needs are met, even for more exclusive events.

Are the printed socks offered by Cubic Promote made in Australia?

Indeed, we offer a selection of printed socks that are both crafted locally in Australia and sourced from our trusted international partners. Please specify if you prefer Australian-made socks when placing your order.

How long does it take to receive an order of custom branded socks?

Our standard delivery timeframe for personalised socks Australia is 4 weeks from order to doorstep. However, we can expedite the process to a turnaround of 2 weeks or even 1 week for urgent requests. Please communicate your timeline needs when ordering, and we will strive to meet them.

Can I get a mix of different sizes in one order of personalised socks?

Yes, you can order a variety of sock sizes within your bulk order to accommodate diverse needs. Please provide us with the size breakdown for your order, and we will prepare your selection of customised socks accordingly.

What kind of design services do you offer for custom socks?

We have an in-house graphic design team ready to assist you with your custom sock design. Whether you're starting from scratch or have an existing concept, our designers can help bring your vision for branded socks to fruition with professional mock-ups for your review.

Sport vs. Corporate: Custom Socks for Every Scene

Whether it’s the performance-driven needs of sport socks with moisture-wicking capabilities or the sleek sophistication of bamboo business socks for corporate events, Cubic Promote delivers. Our fabric blends, predominantly featuring cotton with a touch of elastane for stretch and durability, promise a perfect fit and enduring quality.

Innovative Marketing with Custom Branded Socks

Consider the unlimited potential of promotional socks for your next marketing initiative. Ideal for sports events, comfortable marketing campaigns, community clubs, or as fundraising merchandise, personalised socks from Cubic Promote are a step in the right direction for any brand looking to make a lasting impression.

With Cubic Promote, your journey into the world of promotional socks is just beginning. Our personalised socks are not just another item—they're a comfortable, stylish, and powerful way to share your message. Step into success with our customised socks and watch your brand stride ahead of the competition.

Product and Quality Assurance

At Cubic Promote, we stand by the excellence of our service. If the promotional socks you receive don’t meet your expectations or have any defects upon arrival, we will replace them at no extra cost. This assurance extends to our decoration process as well; if there are any concerns regarding the quality of the print, our dedicated customer service team will ensure a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

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