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Promotional Booth Displays

We sell booth displays custom printed with your logo or graphic. Cubic Promote is the premier supplier of promotional items, like high-quality booth displays, perfect for making a statement at trade shows, exhibitions, and corporate events. These booth displays are designed to capture attention and showcase your brand effectively in any setting. We offer a diverse range of booth display options, including modular systems, pop-up stands, and banner displays, to meet your specific requirements.

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Branding Techniques

For promotional booth displays, we implement state-of-the-art branding techniques to ensure your message stands out:

  • Full Colour Printing: Achieve vibrant, eye-catching results with high-definition prints that cover your display, providing maximum brand exposure.
  • Sublimation: This technique offers superior colour accuracy and fade-resistant prints, ideal for creating detailed and long-lasting visual elements on your booth display.

Care Guide

Keep your promotional booth displays looking great with these care tips:

  • Regularly clean with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth to maintain the vibrancy of the print.
  • Store in a protective case to prevent dust and damage, ensuring they are ready for your next event.
  • Follow assembly instructions carefully to avoid wear and tear during setup and dismantling.

Who Do We Recommend This For?

Custom booth displays are recommended for:

  • Businesses looking to make an impact at trade shows and marketing events.
  • Organisations aiming to establish a strong presence in competitive industry expos.
  • Companies desiring a dynamic and interactive way to engage with potential clients or customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can booth displays be used for outdoor events?

Yes, we offer options suitable for outdoor use, designed to withstand the elements and provide lasting brand visibility.

What materials are used in these booth displays?

We use a range of materials including durable fabrics, metals, and high-quality plastics to ensure a professional finish and robust performance.

Can I update the graphics on my booth display?

Absolutely, many of our booth displays are designed for easy graphic updates, allowing for cost-effective rebranding for future events.

What are the setup and breakdown times for these displays?

Our booth displays are designed for quick and easy setup and breakdown, with times varying by model and design.

Is custom design assistance available for my booth display?

Yes, our team of experts can assist with custom design to ensure your booth display perfectly represents your brand.

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