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Transport Squishy Toys

Planes Trains Cars & Transport Stress Balls

Bulk buy your stress balls, custom printed with your logo for your promotional event. Australians young and old love these types of promotional stress toys. You will find transportation themed stress balls within this category of products including:

  • Stress Shaped Aeroplanes
  • Stress Shaped Trucks
  • Stress Shaped Cars (and sports cars)
  • Stress Shaped Trains

These items are perfect for any event and will undoubtedly draw attention and gasps of amusement for anyone who sees these items. These unique stress shapes make for perfect promotional items when personalised with your logo.

Amazing as a Promotional Item

Use these fun looking stress toys for events like trade fairs, exhibitions, product launches, tip-on gifts, marketing campaigns and branding occasions.

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Brand on Vehicles, Planes, Motorbike Stress Toys

All the products you see within this category is delivered directly to your door within Australia, with your logo custom imprinted onto the item. You get to choose:

  • Pad printing - Cheap, easy way to brand spot coloured logos
  • Full-colour Digital printing - A beautiful way to brand full-colour logos

Fast Delivery Around Australia

All stress balls purchased from Cubic Promote is stocked locally in Dandenong Melbourne, Australia. As a result, we offer fast turnaround times for any purchase orders within Australia. Delivery times are as follows for all custom branded purchase orders:

  • Standard: 12 working days + Freight
  • Fast: 7 working days + Freight
  • Super fast: 3 working days + Freight
  • Urgent: 24hour turnaround time + Freight

What is a Transport Shaped Stressball?

A transport shaped stress ball is a squeezable toy that is made from foam rubber. The toy is soft and will scrunch up when squeezed with pressure applied by hand. When you let go though, the stress ball will immediately return to its original shape.
Our transport shaped stress balls are specifically formed in proportions and painted in colours that make them resemble sports cars, utes, sedans, ships, aeroplanes, trains and other transport vehicles.

Country of Origin and Branding in Australia

All our transport shaped stress toys come manufactured in China and are shipped and stocked locally in Dandenong Melbourne Australia. The actual custom branding of your logo happens locally within Australia.

Quality Custom Branding

We are the only company in Australia that does a squeeze test on all our custom branded stress toys. Utilising the latest print machines as well as experienced technicians, you can be 100% assured that your bulk order of transport shaped stress balls will have a high-quality, durable custom branded result with your logo.

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