Promotional Bags Buying Guide

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Well-branded promotional bags are a versatile and classy way to create awareness and brand exposure for yourself. It is not just awareness though it can create though. A branded bag can help give your customers positive attributes about your company such as a perception of size, generosity and professionalism in what you do.

Maroon, Orange and White Toiletry Bag

With bags though there are big and small ones as we all know. So what type of bag works best for you? What features should you be looking out for when you are buying your promotional bag? What bag is the best to fit your corporate image? To find out please read on:

Promotional Bag Types

A bag comes in all types of different configurations which will determine what type of bag you should select. The most popular types of bags that we all know and love are typically:

  • Satchels
  • Totes
  • Backpacks
  • Duffle Bags
  • Handle Bags
  • Briefcases
  • Suitcases
  • Toiletry bags

How the bag will be used can be determined by the fabric. So keep this in mind when you are selecting a bag for your company or event.

Promotional Bag Fabrics

The main types of fabrics and their uses are:

  • Leather – Luxurious but high in maintenance. Bags made for leather is realistically only suitable for corporate use and for casual use. However it definitely is not appropriate for gym use or for heavy outdoor active use

  • Imitation Leather – Similar to leather but at a lower price point. Consider imitation leather for all your corporate use bags. The quality of the finish is so high nowadays that it is hard to tell between fake and real leather.

  • Nylon – The most popular type of fabric to be found on bags. Nylon is durable and can withstand quite a lot of punishment. This makes it an ideal fabric and when they are used to create bags they tend to be tougher so nylon is used as sports bags as well as conference bags to carry documents.

  • Non-Woven Fabric – An offset of plastic, non woven bags is synthetically created and is a low cost yet durable fabric. Generally bags made from non woven material tend to be tradeshow bags as they are extremely strong. They also make for a great retail eco bag too.

  • Calico Bags- Made from natural cotton. The cotton is spun in such a way that it creates an extremely strong fabric. Its not the best looking fabric though but it does have an earthy appeal to it. Generally bags made from calico are used in the same way as non woven bags.

Bag Colour Options

Try and identify the recipient of your bag before you place an order as this will dictate the style of bag you need. Colours are quite important. For a corporate bag try and keep everything in an orderly design. For example, if your corporate logo is white with a red trim then try and opt for a bag that also has a red trim colour to keep in line with your logo design. If the bag is for people who sign up to a gym membership or for students try and keep the colours funky and fresh to make the item more appealing.

Promotional Bag Usage

A student simply needs a tougher bag as their contents will be heavier. An executive may place a higher emphasis on the style and look of the bag as opposed to durability. It pays to anticipate where and how the bag is used as it will definitely increase the actual use of the item and it will benefit your brand name and logo in the long run.

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