Why Choose Double-Walled Cups and Bottles?

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View Looking Down on the Inside of a Ceramic-Lined Vacuum Coffee MugVacuum drinkware is popular for Australian consumers, overtaking the sale of standard single-wall options in many local markets. But why are these products such a popular choice, and are they a better option? We decided to investigate ourselves and our conclusions may surprise you.

What is Double-Walled Drinkware?

Double-walled drinkware refers to items that hold liquid and have been built with two internal linings to them rather than just one. You're probably familiar with examples of double-walled drinkware already, like those coffee cups with a metal outside and ceramic inner or promotional drink bottles that claim to help keep their contents cooler for longer. It is important to note that while drinkware can have double walls, it may not always have a vacuum between them, so we cannot always use the terms interchangeably.

What Makes Vacuum Products Unique?

As you probably already guessed from their name, the double wall inside these cups and bottles makes them stand apart from standard drinkware, which only features a single interior wall. But why have two walls to begin with? What value could that possibly add? Well, it comes down to the enhanced insulation properties that a two-walled mug with a gap between those walls offers vs. a single-walled item.

During the manufacturing process, air is sucked out of the gap between the outer and inner walls when it is sealed, creating a vacuum. This gap aids in the insulation properties of the vacuum mug or bottle. The drinkware may also be enhanced by using materials for the walls, such as ceramic or metal, that have a higher capacity to insulate than thin plastics.

As noted above, not all double-walled drinkware also features a vacuum between the walls, but at Cubic Promote, we tend only to label the ones that do as vacuum products for ease of selection.

Top View of a Metal-lined Double Wall Drink BottleWhy You Should Consider Double-Walled Cups & Bottles

Double-walled vacuum drinkware is a smart option for those looking to provide quality corporate gifts to recipients. Not only do they last a long time when properly cared for, but they also help keep hot drinks warm and cool drinks cool for longer, a handy and highly sought-after function. But it isn't necessarily a choice that will suit all promotions.

For example, some double-walled drinkware cannot be washed in commercial dishwashers as it may damage the product and its custom decoration. This can be a deal-breaker for teams seeking convenience above all else. Similarly, their price tags are higher than standard bottles or cups, making them a choice that could be out of budget for some organisations or events.

However, in most cases, vacuum mugs and flasks' overall quality, durability, and convenience make them a smart choice for brand promotions. Not only can they be decorated using print techniques, but many are also able to be laser engraved, upping the personalisation options considerably!

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