Using Promotional Sticky Notes for the 5 Rs of Note Taking

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Sticky notes are a great tool for taking notes and remembering information. They can be used to organise ideas, highlight key points, or just as a reminder to stay on task. In this article, we will explore how promotional sticky notes can help with the five Rs of note taking: Reading, Recalling, Responding, Recording, and Reviewing.

Key Takeaways

  • Sticky notes can be used to help with the five Rs of note taking: Reading, Recalling, Responding, Recording and Reviewing.
  • Using personalised sticky notes as visual cues allows for easier focus on key points and saves time by eliminating confusion when dealing with multiple topics in the same source material.
  • Building review skills through reviewing summary stickies and highlighting vital details will improve studying habits and increase efficiency in future assignments.


For most people, the first step of note taking is reading the material. Custom sticky notes can be used as visual cues to pay attention to certain passages or sentences within text that may need to be remembered later in the 5R process. Utilising sticky notes as visual reference points not only saves time by ensuring that your focus is on key points and not wasted on forgotten passages; but also eliminates any confusion when there are multiple topics being discussed in a single text-based source.


When it comes time to remember what was read earlier, using sticky notes as memory triggers can be incredibly helpful. After initial reading comprehension has been established, writing simple summaries on sticky notes allows you to have access to quickly reference your understanding of different concepts without having to reread all of the material again. Alternately, if new material has come up since you read initially that relates heavily to an older concept - then having a sticky note drawn from an earlier section which acts as its own effective recall prompt isn't only useful but makes keeps your five R reading process more efficient overall.


When actively engaging with course material or other resources during note taking sessions - it's important for students and scholars alike to be able engage actively with source texts through making comments about or responding directly to their content. Doing so helps cement understanding by forcing readers into active engagement with their written work; instead of simply passively skimming through paragraphs in order formulate recallable summaries like we discussed above in 2nd point regarding recalling knowledge from source materials . As such creating stickies labelled "Response" with some accompanying details related to author opinion or content originating from another document/article allows for quick ‘thinking out loud’ & encourages better engagement between reader/responder & source material respectively .


As mentioned previously, branded sticky notes act as excellent visual prompts when needing mental assistance referencing facts & figures related specific readings or assigned tasks e.g.. While they don't necessarily provide detailed explanations (unlike response stickies); they do offer quick clarification when asked by others OR when attempting self-reviews prior completing reviews sessions required by course syllabi etc.. Depending upon needs; they can contain anything from factual statements & technical definitions right down simple colour coding systems used differentiate sources according criteria / project requirements.


Reviewing is probably one of the most important aspects of successful note taking as it helps ensure understanding and allows for deeper dives into course subjects; its primary function being bringing everything together into cohesive body sometimes before submitting projects/assignments for grading . Depending upon preference ; sticky notebooks loaded up summary stickies created throughout reading processes should provide clear overviews content discussed thus far. Supplement this review methods include further recapping via bullet pointed lists summaries located respective topic stickies & highlighting vital details important moving forward e..g paragraph sections colleagues deemed particularly noteworthy Over time building these review skills prove invaluable towards improving studying overall & increasing efficiency structure approach taken future assignment writings.

In conclusion, promotional sticky notes can be an incredibly powerful tool for note taking and studying. By following the five Rs of note taking - reading, recalling, responding, recording and reviewing – you’ll be able to make sure that you get the most out of your study sessions. Sticky notes will help ensure that nothing is wasted on forgotten passages while also helping to eliminate any confusion when there are multiple topics being discussed in a single text-based source. With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble becoming more organised with your studies!

Using Promotional Sticky Notes for the 5 Rs of Note Taking

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