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As an Aussie owned business, we're serious about trying to support Australian made products wherever possible. Speaking to fellow Aussies, it's pretty obvious why purchasing locally made promotional items are good option - Australian industries employ Australians, after all. There are, however, plenty of other compelling reasons to invest in Australian made products that you may not have even considered.

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How Australian-Made Products Can Help Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

When you choose promotional products made in Australia, you’re making a statement about your company’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. You’ll also benefit from the support of national organisations and groups that promote locally-made merchandise.

Many customers are increasingly interested in ethical consumerism, which includes giving preference to locally-made goods over those mass produced overseas. When they learn that your business is investing in local manufacturing and supporting other Australian businesses too, they’re sure to develop even more loyalty towards your brand — after all nothing says “brand believer” like advocating for the same values they value!

Plus with such an incredible array of options at your disposal in terms of design and material choices, you won’t have any trouble finding something that perfectly encapsulates what you stand for as a brand — ultimately leading to greater recognition among tour target audience.

Why Buy Australian Made Products?

  • The production of your product has undergone stricter regulatory checks for safety and quality.
  • The eco carbon footprint of a locally made product is lower simply because it does not need to be shipped overseas.
  • Turnaround time for out of stock products is much quicker as delivery can take up to 5 weeks from overseas.
  • A perception of a more premium product by your recipient.

While we utilise Australian made product options whenever possible, our website remains a mix of overseas-made products and those produced in full locally. The overseas made units, however, still spend a portion of their production time here as they are branded and stocked here in Australia after being assembled overseas.

If you are looking for some true blue Aussie manufactured goods, made from the ground up right here, you should try some of our options below.

Mousepads, Sticky Notes, Folders, etc.

Ring Binders        Folders        Mousepads          Sticky Notes          Notepads          Calendars        
  Blue Folder   Mouse Mtas        Post It Notes         Note Pad      Calendar   

Drink Bottles, Stubby Coolers, Sunscreen, etc.

Plastic Frisbees           Plastic Drink Bottles          Stubby Coolers             Sunscreen             Playing Cards

Hard Frisbee                 Water Bottle                 Stubby Holder            Sun Screen 2 in 1 Sun Screen Spray Sun Screen         Playing Card

Chocolates, Fortune Cookies, Mints, etc.

Chocolates                         Fortune Cookies                                Shortbread            

ScreenHunter 50 Jan. 22 17.15         ScreenHunter 11 Jan. 22 11.52 ScreenHunter 52 Jan. 22 17.18          Shortbread

Bottled Water, Drink Coasters, etc.

Bottled Water                Coaster

ScreenHunter 19 Jan. 23 15.25 bottled water           coaster

Microfibre Cleaners and Cleaning Kits

Whole Range of Microfibre Screen Cleaner

cloth   ScreenHunter 28 Jan. 23 15.41 ScreenHunter 29 Jan. 23 15.42

This list will not do anything but grow - as Aussies, we are passionate about supporting our own.  So if you are in need of some authentic local merchandise then we here at Cubic Promote can definitely help you!

Practical Tips To Ensure You Are Getting The Best Value For Your Budget

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential suppliers it is important to compare quotes and ensure that all costs associated with each provider have been considered before making any decisions — this includes shipping fees and any additional charges. Here are some practical tips that can help get the most bang for your buck when selecting an Australian production partner:

  • Get samples: Always request samples first before placing an order — this will help confirm product quality before committing time and money into mass producing large quantities of promotional items.
  • Negotiate lead time: Talk directly with manufacturers about reducing lead times (sometimes referred to as production turnaround times) if possible — this allows for orders to be fulfilled quicker so that your business does not miss out on any opportunities due to delays!
  • Ask around: Speak with industry contacts or colleagues who have dealt with similar providers before; ask them about their experiences which could provide valuable insight into which supplier may best meet your requirements!

Disclaimer on Australian Product Links

Please keep in mind that only the products we link to directly are available in an Australian-made version. Other promotional merchandise in a similar style or the same category may only be available from overseas, please ask our friendly sales team for more information and local merchandise recommendations.

Author Profile: Wendy

Wendy is the general manager of Cubic Promote and has 14 years of experience in the promotional product industry. Wendy is an expert on the successful execution of marketing merchandise strategies and individual products to suit a broad range of recipients. Visit her on LinkedIn.


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