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  1. 4 Low Cost Marketing ideas for Small Businesses!!

    I came across this really interesting article the other day. It's a small article on 5 really different marketing ideas for small businesses which I thought was utterly wonderful. Just a note though.... these marketing ideas are quite bold daring and a little naughty!!! Without a word more here goes:

    1) Your business card!! It can be a very powerful and low cost marketing tool.... hang on... make that a low cost yet powerful marketing frag grenade!! Try this, in a bookstore open some books which you think your customer demographic type or even your area of business expertise may browse or purchase and place our card in a random page. it doesnt stop at books though... try magazines and even public places like your local gym or bus stop, coffee shop or any other public place. You never know who might find your card!!

    2) Create a top 10 reason list. Print these out!! Plonk this list at places where you are allowed to

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  2. Promotional Gifts For B2B Companies

    We ourselves are predominantly a Business 2 Business (some might say Business 2 Government) company. As most of our sales (around 96%) are to corporates who require branded merchandise anything from promotional t shirts to corporate bags for events or initiatives. More than anyone else we realise the absolute importance of using promotional gifts in our day to day marketing. Why? Well if you are a B2B company you would know that one of the biggest challenges for us is to reach all our potential clients in a timely manner. This is where promotional gifts help immensely by providing your potential customer with on going exposure and reminders of you, your company and your service.


    • Promotional products increase brand visibility, leading to better client retention and differentiation in competitive markets.
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  3. Custom Branded Merchandise For Business big or Small!!

    Over the years working in custom branded merchandise for corporates our products have been progessively getting larger in range and larger in choices. On our website you can now see pretty much everything except for a kitchen sink where we can brand your corporate logo or event for your corporate and marketing use. However what you may not know is that the price of our products from promotional bags to promotional pens have been getting lower overall which is both a reflection of our increase in purchasing power as well as some internal initiatives (such as hedging + inventory buying when prices are low) these combined savings we pass on to you. This means you have the option of either

    A) Save Money on Corporate Merchandise or
    B) Opt for even higher quality Branded Merchandise for the same price

    Its because of this fact that

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