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  1. Tips for Effective T.V & Online Advertising

    I'm writing this blog post right now with the T.V on. Glee is on T.V and as much as I hate to admit it .... it is actually darn good ol fun entertainment, especially with some classic Fleetwood Mac renditions thrown in. Once the advertisement break is on though I am going to duck into the kitchen for an orange followed by chocolate. Seemingly though I'm not alone in running to escape advertisement breaks. According to a survey in America by which also reflects trend behaviour in Australia 1/3 of all people prefer watching t.v shows through recording devices or on the internet. This is a major headache if you are contemplating a huge sum of money on a T.V advertising slot.

    Research has shown is that effective TV advertising is especially good at reaching a mass audience in a very short amount of time. However when you are marketing a niche product it would be more difficult to use T.V effectively.

    The main reason why peolpe do not like advertisements on TV is that they find

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  2. Branding Method 101: Laser Engraving

    Following on from yesterdays post about branding on custom merchandise with your logo I'll run through other popular branding methods which we use on our merchandise to be branded with your logo to the best visual effect. It is none other than laser engraving and we'll talk about it more in this post.


    1. Laser engraving creates lasting impressions.
    2. Laser engraving is versatile and precise.
    3. Consider cost and limitations before choosing.

    What is Laser Engraving?

    Laser engraving is a method of branding which is quite common on metal surfaces. It involves a concentrated beam of extreme light (or laser) which is extremely hot. This hot beam literally etches off the surface of a piece of metal to create branding.

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  3. The Various Branding Methods Available With Promotional Products

    I thought I devote today's blog topic to branding. We are absolute pros when it comes to branding on products. We do have years and years of experience after all and we keep tabs of all new branding technologies that come up. So here is a brief run down on what goes where and on what!!

    1) Pad Printing
    What Is It?
    - Pad printing is a method of printing where a technician physically stamps your logo onto an item one after another on a huge piece of printing machine.

    What Products can it be used on?
    Any products with a smooth flat surface. Things like:
    Promotional Pens
    Promotional Rulers

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  4. Overdosing on Email

    Email is a good thing right? However like all good things that I can think of (Hamburgers, Fried Chicken, Alcohol to name a few) too much of a good thing can lead to an overdose and start harming us. Take email for example. Instance free communication. With technology like Blackberries and Iphones we can now even send an email whilst on the bus or in the toilet. Amazing stuff and amazing communication. However with all the emails circulating we are now addicted to it and productivity is slowly being eroded. Its not just productivity though but also the stress that comes along with being "switched on,"all the time and the feeling that workers can always be contactable.


    • Overdoing email marketing can lead to lower open rates, increased unsubscribes, and damaged brand reputation.
    • To maintain a healthy email marketing strategy, segment your audience, personalize content, and monitor metrics for improvement.
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  5. Promotional Frisbees Indoor or Outdoor?

    Frisbees have always been 1 our top 5 selling promotional products ever since we started. In fact we have 1 of the largest range of promotional frisbees with your logo in Australia. Frisbees are a fantastic item purely because they are never disposed of and have a large branding area. They are immensely fun of course too!! So which promotional frisbee is right for your event? Firstly if your event is indoor and you also want your logo to be mainly viewed indoors such as in an office environment or at home then you may want to consider our soft flyers. These fold up frisbees are made from fabric and soft wire. They dont fly particularly far but that is a good thing for indoors. With promotional flexi soft flyers they are light weight and will not damage walls or computers or furniture. Heaps of fun when playing with colleagues.

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