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  1. Polarised vs Non Polarised Branded Sunglasses

    Difference Between Polarised and Non-Polarised Sunglasses

    If you are in the market for custom printed sunglasses, there are some considerations to think about aside from the brand or the price. Depending on your budget you may wish to consider polarised lensed sunglasses. For those who

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  2. Promotional Merchandise Placement Ideas

    The other day I was lucky enough to go to Taronga Zoo in Sydney and had a wonderful time. Working in the promotional merchandising and gift industry I had to check out what they had on offer. What I did find was fascinating. Their understanding of marketing and purchasing behaviour is fantastic and everything was simply where you would expect things to be.


    1. Strategic placement drives sales.
    2. Customisation creates brand identity.
    3. Cohesive design enhances memorability.

    Taronga Zoo's Strategic Merch Display

    For example they had their flagship gift shop right at the entrance! (which doubles as an exit when you leave) You simply cannot miss it. With

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  3. Promotional Products for Men: 5 Top Tips

    Many companies make the mistake of choosing corporate giveaways which are generic in nature when they are targeting the male population for their marketing campaign. Instead of handing out uni-sex promotional items, consider products which are for men’s exclusive use. This way, they will know you took the time to think of their needs and preferences.


    1. Choose practical, high-quality items.
    2. Customisation fosters exclusivity and connection.
    3. Tailor to interests, bundle for value.

    Criteria For Men's Promotional Products

    Consider the following attributes when choosing promotional products for men:

    • Practical. Men by nature are not drawn to aesthetics but to an object’s functionality. (Thats also a reason why I love Hardware stores so much!) For this reason, you need to choose a personalised promotional item which is practical and can even
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  4. Promotional Office Items 5 Top Tips

    5 Simple Tips to Choosing Promotional Office Items

    It would be easy to target office employees as potential customers considering they are almost always behind their desks. This means, any promotional product you hand out to this group of individuals will most likely be visible at least 8 hours a day. For most businesses, such exposure can quickly translate to a sale. However, it is still a matter of choosing the right Promotional Office Items. Here are a couple of simple tips to get you going:

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  5. Fund Raising Merchandise

    Fund Raising Merchandise

    Fund raising is many positive things. It brings about community,spirit, team building and most of all fun. All this for a good cause! It is with little wonder that almost every few days brings around a new event and new merchandise products to raise funds. One thing about fund raising merchandise though which needs to be mentioned though is above all else the aim is to raise money. Lots and lots of it for your cause in order to accomplish community and global aid objectives.

    Over the years we have developed a good feel for fund raising merchandise as to what works well and what doesn't. You most definitely would want your products to be popular as it means you would have maximised your revenue and minimised excess product waste that do not sell. So with that in mind here are some top tips to keep your fund raising merchandise humming and buzzing along with success:

    Tip #1 Fund Raising Merchandise

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  6. Promotional Caps and Styles

    Promotional Caps & Styles

    Promotional Caps are possibly the promotional product where many of our clients do not pay much attention to. Afterall a cap is a cap and its best to just get the cheapest one right? True! if you are on a tight budget then there is no escaping the fact that you can quickly have one branded with your logo that actually looks quite okay when worn a few times. However why look okay when you can look fabulous and in the process make your team members feel like a million dollars! Also keep in mind that higher quality caps will look newer for longer too!

    The thing with caps is that they are more visible than you may think compared with a lot of other promotional products. In a tradeshow or if worn as part of a uniform it is true that a promotional shirt will be seen from a distance. However if anyone was to engage with you and your team about your product or your service they will be

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  7. Promotional Mugs With Your Logos

    Promotional Mugs With Your Logos

    A custom branded promotional mug with your logo is possibly the most popular promotional item in winter time. What makes it such an effective product for branding with your logo is that branding on a mug is both personal to the user yet public in its display at the same time. If you are like myself your mug is used everyday and no one else touches it! No exceptions! At the same time though a mug has a large branding area and realistically anyone within a 2 meter distance would be able to see the mug and the branding quite clearly. If you come up with a clever image or some smart text then the attention that your branding can get will be even more.

    What are Promotion Mugs & Cups Made From?

    For coffee and tea cups they are available in quite a few finishes. Here are the most popular materials used in making cups in order of general pricing:


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  8. Environmental Promotional Item Suggestions

    Environmental Promotional Item Suggestions

    Environmental promotional items used to be the hottest trending product a few years ago. This year so far though we cannot but help notice that their popularity is way down. Using environmentally promotional products in your events and marketing can really benefit you and your company or event. Other than the obvious benefit that eco friendly merchandise has to the environment there are also many other intangibles that using green promotional items brings to you that no other normal promotional product can do such as positioning your brand in your clients mind as a brand that is:

    - thoughtful
    - considerate
    - progressive

    & that is not to mention that a green promotional item simply looks distinctive and unique creating a strong visual appeal.

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  9. Compendiums

    Promotional compendiums may possibly be the most personal type of corporate merchandise. It is an item that unlike other products is strictly either mine or not mine! They are never ever shared unlike other products like post it notes and they typically are used to contain private and personal business thoughts and information. This makes selecting a compendium that is right for you and your team or as a corporate gift very important. Some other products we recomend to clients would be to opt for perhaps a basic budget option so that you may affort more of the item for the same budget. Not for compendiums, where possible we do recomend going for a compendium option with the number of units that you need + a few spares just in case. No more and no less as that would allow you to allocate budget to the very best option. The differences between a budget compendium and a premium compendium is very very small. However it is in these small details that can make the compendium either

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