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  1. Part 1: Factory Tour for Corporate Clothing Uniform

    Have you ever wondered where much of your products that you use daily and take for granted come from? Well we at Cubic Promote have decided to launch an on-running series of blog posts about where our products are made. Basically we are throwing open the doors to our production facilities and also our suppliers. Over a series of postings we will have images and commentary on:

    - Branding Facilities in Australia
    - Bottle Manufacturing Facility in Australia
    - Uniform Clothing Manufacturer in Fiji
    - Warehousing in Australia
    - Plastics Manufacturer in China

    We want to be transparent to our customers and we want you to have confidence that your products that you purchase from us are made ethically to both the environment and to worker. Hopefully this will also give you a better appreciation for the little everyday products that you take for granted are made with care despite them being mass produced. To start the series we will begin in Fiji.


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  2. How to Play Indoor Bocce

    We have a rather interesting product here at Cubic Promote. It is called Bocce and we have both indoor sets and outdoor sets. This game originated in ancient Greece and subsequently was made popular in Fance. It is also commonly known as Pentaque. The indoor sets are best played on carpet and we have a small video clip just showing how it is played below. The instructions are fairly easy and I will try my best to explain the rules and instructions.

    Rules on How to Play Bocce

    The first to 13 points wins. Our set is designed for 2 players. Basically the aim of the game in its simplest form is to toss the metal boules close to the wooden puck (also known as a Cochan).

    1) To begin a coin is toss. The winner then gets to toss the wooden puck to a distance

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  3. Beautiful Images of Branded Golf Balls Sliced in Half

    No one here in our team plays golf, however personally I have come to really appreciate the game after spending half a day at a golfing range (complete with a side mini putting course for kids) and I can now see why some people are absolutely passionate about the game. The combination of turf, slow pace, tradition, good company, great weather and of course the accessories all come together in a very appealing way. It has got me thinking about the range of accessories we stock and especially our range of golfing balls which we personalise with your logo. We have a rather large range from our suppliers which all promise different levels of performance. We categorise them from Grade D through to Grade A. It got me thinking, since we do not play golf we have no way to know if actually all golf balls are the same. All golf balls look identical from the outside. Could it be that we have been blindly recommending golf balls based on manufacturers claims when in fact a Grade A is the same as Grade

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  4. Don't blink but did you see these corporate Logo changes?

    In the past year more than any other I have noticed many businesses and well know household brand names undergo logo revisions. Some are so subtle that you would need to stare at quite a bit to see the differences. Others are more obvious such as Telstra who not just only changed their logo to incorporate a new tagline but they have different colours of the same theme to further drive home the amount of different products and services they offer. Even new companies are not immune to changes. Instagram who by my last count is a very young company has decided to move away from a black logo to a bluish green logo. On the other hand the charity Livestrong once incorporated the name "Lance Armstrong," as its embassador is now distancing itself from the drug cheating athelete by dropping its name. Even the simple Facebook logo has gone through a small change too by omitting a feint blue line. These changes are seemingly insignificant to many consumers but as a company wishing to associate their

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  5. printed highlighters

    We have a tradeshow in a few weeks time and we are preparing real hard to put our best foot forward.  We start with getting the most important aspects right first which in our case is promotional printed highlighters of course!

    We are packing 1000 jars of highlighters (each of which contain 5 highlighters). Along with a secret stash of goodies. If you want one then be sure to come see us at the

    It is going to be a fantastic event. Last year we used promotional burger stressballs and they were an absolute hit. In fact we still have customers talking about them a full year after the event, so we are very pleased with the marketing value that we got out of it.

    Check out some of the pictures of the snazzy promotional items we have on offer this year.  (In case you were wondering, yes we will be handing them out for free at the RSVP Event Showcase for business exhibitions in Darling Harbour). The date is 14th and 15th of August so be sure

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  6. Promotional Travel Cups for Winter

    Being in the thick of Winter is not my definition of fun in Australia.  Unlike other countries winter in Australia is a big downer for several reasons. Our beautiful country is dry.  Seriously dry.  Winter makes it worse.  Turning on any heat appliance makes it twice as bad. We love sports.  Being so seriously cold makes it impossible for me to play sport as my fingers are numb and the cold temperatures leads to injuries. These are the reasons why this winter season promotional travel cups have been so popular. One thing to keep in mind with promotional travel cups is that they are not all the same.  The key difference with travel cups is the insulation, and we will discuss them in this post.


    1. Custom travel cups build brand recognition.
    2. Metal cups keep drinks hot longer.
    3. Ideal for
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  7. 8 Uses for Tennnis Balls Other than Tennis

    We get heaps of request for custom printed tennis balls, especially when one of the major tournaments are on such as Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and the US open.  However the humble tennis ball has some great uses other than simply being hit with a racket.  Here are 8 alternate tennis ball uses.

    1)  Use them to save forest critters - Small animals can use the inside of a tennis ball that is opened up as a home to live in and to breed.

    2)  Remedy for snoring.  Rolling onto your back increases the chances of snoring.  Therefore fix these on the back of your pajamas with some sticky tape so that will not roll over in the middle of the night.

    3)  Use tennis balls to remove dust and to clean scuff marks from hardwood and vinyl surfaces.  The fibers on those fluro balls are amazing at scrubbing.

    4)  For your laundry.  Use a tennis ball inside your clothes dryer when you need to dry products such

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  8. Kid-Exclusive Child Abuse Billboard

    In a world where child abuse remains a pressing concern, an organization called Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk has taken a creative and powerful approach to address the issue. Their goal is simple yet profound: to prevent violence against children by creating awareness. Through their innovative billboard campaign, they have managed to deliver a message that only children can see. This remarkable advertising endeavour not only captures attention but also provides a lifeline for children in need. Let's delve into the details of this thought-provoking campaign and discover the techniques used to create such a significant impact.


    1. Raise awareness through innovative advertising.
    2. Utilise lenticular optics for hidden messages.
    3. Apply creativity to address social issues.


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  9. Update on Our Charity Adoption of Carlos The Monkey

    It has been many years since we have supported the Australian Orangutan Project (AOP) in short.  In fact looking back at our (now very old) blog we first proudly wrote about a monkey that we affectionately called "The Promotional Monkey," way back in November 2008.

    Back then this monkey incidentally called Carlos weighed only 2.7 kilograms at the time.  Now 4 years later

    He weighed only 2.7 kilograms, despite being over a year old.  So what has happened to Carlos the monkey since?  Well he was nursed back to weight by the caring folks at the AOP and after several years he was released back into the wild.  So a good story right?  Unfortunately not.  Since that time the key threat to the Orangutans have been:

    -  De-forestation caused by Logging in Sumatra

    The intense logging is caused by our insatiable appetite for Palm Oil.  This has lead to the homes and natural habitat of all animals in the

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  10. Promotional Auto Car Sunshades

    Car sunshades are an essential product for us car owners here in Australia.  Obviously for us in Sydney, Melbourne and the lower states it is Winter and not that important.  However for those in other areas the sun is probably still resonably intense.

    We love auto mobile sunshades here at Cubic Promote.  Why?  Firstly it is a consumer product that everyone knows about.  It is practical and the other than umbrellas there is no other product that is used outdoors that offer so much room for branding.  Have a promotional sunshade on the dashboard provides excellent visibility.

    Cars Get So Hot You Can Bake Cookies

    Cars that are in the sun during summertime can reach unbelievable temperatures.  In fact when the temperature in parts of Sydney and other states in Australia hit 45 degress + last year, the inside temperature of a car would realistically be even higher.  To put this into perspective you can begin baking cookies at this temperature at merely 41 degrees.  Your

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