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  1. The Supreme Promotional Brick

    The biggest brand in streetwear around Australia and the world has to be the brand "Supreme," So it comes as no surprise that they have come up with possibly the most odd branded piece of merchandise this year. They have come up with the "Promotional Brick," Not only is this very odd, the company is actually even charging customers for the right to purchase a branded brick!

    Branded Merchandise to Create Controversy

    The thing about this branded brick, which really is an actual brick (not merely a stressball brick), is that it is absolutely brilliant marketing. This weird little promotional product stunt has people talking about it, and because it is so utterly odd, it also adds to the mystique and humour of the brand.

    The Brick, A Metaphor

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  2. 5 Terrific Personalised Notebook Examples

    Putting pen to paper and seeing ideas manifest themselves into the physical demesne right before your eyes, can be really special to many. Though in the busy and chaotic world we all live many don’t find the time or don’t utilise a notebook. Preferably they are using their phones instead. However, the appeal of physically writing onto something still leaves on, as long as they're kind of notebooks like the ones below.


    1. Diverse options for personalised notebooks.
    2. Promotional notebooks enhance brand awareness.
    3. Long-lasting and functional marketing tool.

    Cool Promotional Notebook Ideas

    Here are some notebooks worth jotting down your ideas and thoughts on:

    1. For the Tree Hugger

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  3. Snapchat Designs Custom Camera Sunglasses

    The camera phone was considered rather outlandish when it was first unveiled. After all, what did it have to do with anything? It's like putting a blender on a bicycle. Utterly unrelated and baffling. Of course, camera phones actually allowed us to take a photo practically anywhere, and when mobile phones because smartphones, it allowed us to share and edit those photos and then videos over our many forms of social media. But what if you could make cameras even MORE convenient? Well that's what Snapchat - or rather, the newly renamed Snap Inc - have done. Spectacles - promotional sunglasses with an in-built micro action camera.


    • Spectacles allow for hands-free recording and quick capturing of moments, making it easier to document experiences.
    • With a built-in camera, the sunglasses offer a first-person perspective and discreet
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  4. World's Hottest Chip Comes in Custom Coffin Packaging

    I once watched my brother eat a meal slathered in a chilli sauce so hot, he went red, started tearing up, and sweat streamed down his face. He looked like he needed an ambulance. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. So I can only imagine the sort of hilarious effect that the following corn chip will have on someone. Made by Paqui, a maker of corn tortilla chips, the Carolina Reaper Madness chip is made using the world record holder for the hottest chilli in the world, and the custom packaging illustrates that point perfectly.

    Deadly Custom Packaging

    The Carolina Reaper Chilli is currently the Guinness World Record Holder for world's hottest chilli. How hot is it? Well, using the Scoville Scale, a measurement of how spicy hot things are, your basic cayenne pepper measures 30-50 thousand

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  5. Don’t Eat Promo Candy That’s Been Dropped!

    We've all been there - delicious confectionery in hand, we go to pop the tiny morsel into our mouth and BAM, it slips and falls to the floor. But it's OK, right? The 5 second rule means you can pick up that fruity gummy lolly or promotional chocolate and eat it as long as it hasn't been on the ground longer than it takes for you to count to five. Right??

    Floor Candy is No Good

    While we've all happily come to accept the 5 second rule as a fact of life (it gives us a second chance at eating a dropped treat, after all) unfortunately it looks like the whole thing is just a myth. According

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  6. Vibrant Branded Drink Bottles

    When you're interested in being different from the rest of pack, you have to brand yourself to show that you're different. You have to make yourself stand out, you have to point out what makes you unique, and you have to have a style all to your own. Elderbrook Drinks, makers of upmarket, boutique style cordials, have done so wonderfully with their new branding design. With a highly artistic branding design, a use of brilliant colours, and some rather bold taglines that are intent on showing exactly how the company differs from the competition, these promotional drink bottles creates extremely striking design that definitely separates itself from the rest.


    • Elderbrook Drinks has successfully differentiated itself from the competition with an artistic branding design and bold taglines.
    • Branded drink bottles offer a way for Australians
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  7. Emmy Awards Free Gift Bag Contents

    The worlds most incredible free gift bag at a trade show has to be at the Emmy Awards. (lets face it.... the Emmy Awards really is a trade show for TV... albeit one with a lot of glamour). This year 2016 the Emmy show bag is worth a staggering $73,287 Australian dollars. So what is in it this year? Well check out the contents below:

    Whats in The Freebie Bag?

    • Well to start off with we have the flashy $10,000 pen which comes in handy when the celebs need to do a quick autograph on the #Redcarpet especially Jimmy Kimmel who's in popular demand this year.
    • Next on the list is the $20,000 cosmetic surgery gift card, which would be perfect for all the Kardashians namely miss Kylie Jenner who loves a good lip plump.
    • Third on the list is an all expenses paid $20,000 trip to the
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  8. Bizarre Adobe Branded Apparel

    In recent weeks we've talked about promotional clothing ranges from companies as diverse as Xbox and Coca Cola, right through to Justin Bieber. In each of these cases, apparel ranges have been collaborated on and produced to reflect new brand initiatives. But we think we've found the ultimate in customised corporate outfits with Adobe's 2016 Stock Photography clothing range.

    Shirts Personalised With Stock Images

    People might not generally consider stock photos (readily available images

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  9. Delicious Branding for Ice Cream Cookies

    You shouldn't have to put much effort into selling ice cream or cookies. I mean, it's ice cream and cookies. Who doesn't enjoy them? Who wouldn't buy them? But when you're competing against well established confectionery makers and you need to get your name out there, then some sharp branding can make all the difference. Case in point, Fro Fro, a maker of ice cream cookie desserts. Teaming up with the design agency Bravo, they've unveiled some highly vivid and extremely striking branding designs for their products.

    An Excellent Use of Colour

    Perhaps the most eye catching part of the branding is the use of colour. Most ice cream packaging I've seen uses bright, but solid eye catching colours. Or, for the ones trying to convey a more high end look; darker and more elegant colours. Fro

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  10. 8 Car Emergency Promo Items

    Motor vehicles are much more reliable than they were 20 years ago, however emergencies do happen and when they do, it is best to be prepared. Here I have compiled a list of 8 essential safety items that are essential for you to have in your vehicle as they may protect you from a dangerous situation.

    1. Promotional products grab attention.
    2. Stay safe with promotional emergency kits.
    3. Personal safety shouldn't be neglected.


    Car Emergency Promotional Items

    Here are common but must-have emergency items for cars:

    • Emergency First Aid Kits - First aid kits are very affordable and to be honest they are rarely used. When there is an injury though, there is literally nothing more important (other than having communication established with a safety service) than an emergency kit. This is why our range of Promotional First Aid Kits have been such a hit with some
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